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You Looking For The Low Down on Wealthy Affiliate?

legit_wealthy_affiliate_reviewI know there’s a lot of reviews out there on Wealthy Affiliate, but mine is somewhat different.

You see, I was making money as an affiliate marketer before joining Wealthy Affiliate, so my perspective is a little different from the others.

Whether you think Wealthy Affiliate works or even if you think they’re a scam, I know my view on the company will help you decide whether or not you should give them a try.

There’s one thing that all the reviews have in common (yep, even the so called “negative reviews”).

Wanna know the real deal?

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An In-depth Review of the Five Dollar Funnel – Why People Need to Stay Away Name: Five Dollar Funnel Owner: Tom Cellie Website: fivedollarfunnel.com Type of Business: MLM Price: $5 (starting), $20, $99, $297 Overall Rating: 30/100 What is Five Dollar Funnel? If you go to their signup page, it’s really difficult to understand whatContinue Reading

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