Account Already Created

If you get a message saying that you have already got an account in Wealthy Affiliate, don’t be alarmed, this can happen.

It usually means that

1) You either have signed up before and can’t remember doing so … or 2) more commonly … you haven’t signed up before, but Wealthy Affiliate thinks you have.

Don’t worry this is not a problem and I’ll show you how to fix it in this post.

How WA Tracks New Accounts

Wealthy Affiliate tracks new accounts by IP address.

Which means that if you use a different IP address to sign up then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Some of you may already know how to remedy this issue, but if you don’t then check out the following.

1) Home – This is how you can do it at home.

Most house holds have dynamic IP’s assigned to the address when a router first starts up.

This IP is usually unique and a new one gets assigned every time your router connects to the Internet.

So the easiest way to get a new IP is to simply restart your router.

This doesn’t always work, particularly if you have a static IP, which means the IP doesn’t change (less common, but it does happen).

So with that in mind the next thing you can do is …

2) Away from home

You can basically sign up where ever you can get a different IP address, which could be at a friends home, library, coffee shop, McDonalds, you get the picture.

Anyway, I hope that solves your problem.




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