Is a Global Trade Company a Scam? How to Find Out

Can you really trust an international business bureau to protect your business? Well, maybe not all companies that come under the guise of the non-profit international trade organization are scams. If a group is truly non-profit and has a lot of good intentions for the global economy, they would not have any problem accepting donations in order to finance their activities. However, if a company is promoting itself as a global trade company, they will not have any problems with accepting a donation from you.

global trade company is a scam

In order to find out if an international trade company is a scam or not, you need to look at the mission and vision of the company. The mission statement tells you what kind of global business they want to operate. It also states if they are concerned about the environment, trade relationships, political stability, and human rights. If the mission statement does not specifically say anything about these things, then you can be sure that the company is a scam. They are only in business to make money, plain and simple.

Another thing you should look at when looking for an international trade company is their financial statements. These financial statements will tell you if the company has donated any money to charity in the past, and they will also tell you how much profit they made last year. This information is needed because it shows you if the global trade company is using their profits honestly.

Is the company tied to any national banks? Does it have a local presence in your state or country? If the company has national or international branches, they are probably legitimate. You should always check to see if the company is registered with the proper government agencies in your country or state. If it isn’t, then you definitely need to find out why.

What else should you look for when looking for an international trade company? First of all, how long has the company been around? How long has it been doing business? If it’s been around for years, then you know that it is legitimate.

How many employees does the company have? You should always ask to see the number of employees. The more employees a company has, the more successful it is. A company that has less employees is a company that may be unstable and is taking advantage of new customers. It’s always better to deal with a stable company over one that has numerous employees.

Can you call the company or is the number just an email address? You should never be contacted by an international company by email. That is an obvious sign that the company doesn’t actually exist, and is only a front for a scammer. Instead, use any of the methods listed above to determine if the company is legitimate.

If you’ve done your homework, it shouldn’t be hard to tell if a global trade company is a scam or not. If the company doesn’t have any contact information, it’s definitely not legitimate. If the company requires you to start a deposit before you get started, and requires a large sum of money up front before you can get started, it’s definitely a scam. Make sure you do your research before you invest any of your money.

One thing that you should definitely look for is proof that the company has been around for a while. Scams can go around for years before anyone even realizes they are happening. The internet is filled with different backroom operations that may look legit, but are actually working with global front companies.

Asking past customers is another great way to determine if a company is legitimate. People on the international market are used to dealing with high quality companies that stay in business. They won’t accept anything less. If the customer doesn’t feel comfortable in a particular country, or doesn’t have much experience with international shipments, it’s probably best to cross them off your list completely.

Although there are lots of scams out there, it’s still possible to find a great global trade company. All it takes is a little research. If you’re not careful and take the time to look around, you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that fits your needs perfectly. With a little research, you shouldn’t have any problems at all finding a company that is legit and trustworthy.

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