Poetrycom Scam – What You Must Know to Avoid Becoming a Victim

The poetrycom scam is a mystery that has been shrouding the industry of e-book publishing for quite some time. A lot of people have lost money and opportunities because they signed up for the program without fully understanding its terms and conditions. Now, the creator of the poetrycom platform is looking to rectify this error. That’s right, author Tiffany Taylor-Decker has taken the company to task, accusing them of offering unadvertised guaranteed income to their members. Her complaint states that this “phony” of a company does not live up to the quality of the services and support that they offer to clients. If you are a writer, you will definitely want to check out the blog about the situation and what she has to say about this issue.

The problem was that the program allows customers access to thousands of poems at one time, all for one low price. This was a fantastic way to be able to create multiple poems for marketing, SEO, and/or other purposes. Taylor-Decker noticed one issue with the company though. While the fee was low, the terms of service did not explicitly state that the poems would be exclusive to the company. In other words, one could submit a poem to the poetrycom site and then have it available for sale by others who sign up under the same account.

As a result, she created a blog about the situation to give others a clearer view of what will happen if they attempt to use the poetrycom site to obtain a poem for any purpose. Basically, she claims that many of the poems have been sold for profit by others without the poet’s authorization. This violates the poems copyright, and the rights of the poet. She says that she has tried to contact the website’s operator on several occasions but has only received vague responses. In fact, the operator appears to be deleting her posts.

Now, the only way that one can avoid the poetrycom scam like the plague is to read the terms of service before you submit your poem. That’s why I created the blog in the first place. You need to know exactly what is required of you before you submit a poem. If you are submitting a poem because someone else requested it, then you have all the rights and the responsibility to do what you say. If it is to be used commercially or in a website, you must get permission from the owner.

If you are submitting a poem because you really loved the original, and you want people to read it, then you probably don’t have the right to re-write the poem and sell it as your own. This is something that many experienced writers have done, and the most common way that they get into trouble is by stealing someone else’s work. This is a serious matter that you need to be aware of if you want to avoid the poetrycom scam. If you use someone else’s poem, then you may be violating their copyright. In addition, it just isn’t ethical.

One of the most common ways that people run into this problem is by plagiarizing someone else’s poem and passing it off as their own. While that is something that might never happen to you, it is still wrong. Just because it sounds like it might be the right thing to do, it is still not, and this is the biggest mistake that you can make when trying to publish your own poems online.

A final issue with poems that you write for money is that you don’t want to use any part of another poet’s work without giving them credit for it. This is a general rule, but if you can’t get a quote from the person who said their work was inspired by you, then you’re not getting paid appropriately. Some will even take this further and ask for quotes from the few poems that you’ve written so they can sell them on the site. The only way to escape this type of situation is to give the writer credit for the piece, which is generally done in the introduction to the poem.

The best advice when dealing with any type of freelance writing job or business is to be professional, even if you are selling other people’s work. You will never be successful if you aren’t, so by using the poetrycom scam as an example, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Good luck!

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