What Are Guest Blogging Sites

What are guest blogging sites? Guest blogs are essentially posts that you write in exchange for free and/or monetized traffic from your blog.

In a nutshell, the more traffic (visitors) your blog receives, the more chances you have of monetizing it via advertising or selling products through your affiliate account.

And with thousands upon thousands of guest posts submitted to blog sites on a daily basis, it’s really the case that a great way to get your blog noticed is by having a guest blogger on another site with an audience that might be interested in what you’re writing about.

what are guest blogging sites

So, how can you use guest posts to build backlinks? The answer largely depends on whether you want your guest posts to be purely content-based (for instance, if you’re writing a personal essay) or SEO-based (for instance, if you’re writing about SEO strategies in your essay).

Content-based guest posts tend to produce more backlinks if they are interesting and relevant to the topics being discussed on the site where they’re posted. SEO-based posts, on the other hand, are better when they are written as keyword-dense articles.

This makes them sound more like advertisements – but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that. Here’s why:

SEO-friendly guest blogging sites list things such as your contact information, your website’s address, and the URL to your website in the text.

These are not necessary, but they help in getting the name of your blog and its author out into the online community. The right way to use a free guest posting sites list like this is to put something that directly relates to what you’re discussing into the text, and then have an anchor text (the hyperlinked words) that relates to whatever topic is being discussed on the site (such as “How To Build Backlinks” above) also included in the text.

Guest blogging sites have been used by marketers for years, though they were primarily used by bloggers. Now that many marketers and bloggers use free guest posting sites as their main source of content, it is starting to be recognized as a viable means of marketing online.

Even the search engines recognize this and have changed their rules recently. It’s a great way to get your name in front of millions of potential customers, but it must be done right.

Guest blogging sites are not places to dump lots of links for your own website or blog. Guest blogging sites are communities that welcome guest posts and want to see quality content from their readers, so make sure your posts are relevant to the topic.

You don’t want to hurt your own reputation as a marketer with backlinks coming out of a free guest blogging sites list you created simply to give your link out to everyone and leave yourself high and dry with no backlinks.

Another problem with creating backlinks through these types of websites is that search engines can detect the backing system in place and may remove your backlink. Many people use this as a way to fool search engines, so be careful.

It is best to find guest post sites that are willing to allow you to post a backlink to your own site. The higher authority the blog submission site has, the better. If your posts are of a good quality, the search engines will notice you and your backlinking strategy will work.

It is easy to create backlinks through what are called “authority” backlink systems. These backlinks are given to sites with an author index by Google, Bing and other search engines.

The backlinks from what are called authority backlink systems can be extremely powerful. You need to be careful with what are called “authority” backlink systems.

Because they are so powerful, many marketers are removing them or using other forms of backing building such as article marketing.

One thing that must be said about what are called “authority” backlink systems is that search engines can detect them and remove your backlinks.

The only way to avoid this is to post on sites that don’t have backlink farms or authority backlink structures. With what are known as “guest post sites”, you can avoid having your backlinks removed and still post valuable content to your blogs and other web 2.0 properties.

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