Cardpool Review: A Legit Marketplace To Buy And Sell Gift Cards Or A Scam?

If you happen to have a lot of gift cards that you are not using, then you can turn them into cash with the help of the Cardpool website.

It is designed to provide you with a way to sell your gift cards for cash for a reasonable price or to purchase gift cards at a discount.

But is this website legitimate? Does it really provide a marketplace to buy and sell gift cards or is it all a scam? We’ll soon find out in this review of the Cardpool website.

Before we begin with the review, let us first talk about what Cardpool is.

What is Cardpool?

Cardpool is a gift card exchange website where you can sell the gift cards you have for cash or buy gift cards at a discount. It launched in 2009 and it became one of the best websites to buy and sell gift cards.

The website is a safe and secure way for you to either buy or sell a gift card. They accept cards from a wide range of retail stores, allowing you to sell almost any gift card that you have.

You can sell both physical and virtual gift cards. The company also makes sure that the gift cards they carry have no fees, no expiration dates, and they verify the balance on each card that they have.

They also offer free shipping on physical gift cards, so you won’t have to worry about that. In order to sell or buy a gift card, you just need to register at the Cardpool website, which is easy and free to do so.

Who Uses the Carpool website?

The Cardpool website is used by two types of people, those who are looking to purchase gift cards at a discount and those who are looking to get rid of their unwanted gift cards, while also making some money out of it.

The beauty of this website is that you can actually be both, as being a member gives you access to the company’s services, whether that be buying gift cards or selling them.

If you are a buyer of gift cards, you can expect to get them at a discount and not its regular price. You also don’t have to worry about fake gift cards or those that don’t have the right balance on them.

Cardpool ensures that the gift cards they have will be hassle-free to buyers. They make sure there aren’t any fees that you will need to pay to use the gift card and they also verify the balance of the card.

The company offers gift cards at discounted rates of up to 35%. But this will depend on the brand, as some cards only offer a discount of up to 1.5%.

They also offer free shipping of the card via UPS, and a 1 year Purchase Guarantee. The company guarantees that the gift card they will deliver will really contain the dollar amount indicated and it is still valid for use.

If you are unable to use the full amount of the gift card within the year of your purchase, Cardpool will refund your money. Their guarantee is subject to a maximum of $1,000 lifetime per customer.

Now if you are a seller of gift cards, the website offers you a unique way to get rid of your card and also make money from it.

You won’t be receiving the full amount you spent on getting the card as the website will only pay you close to its original amount.

You just have to make sure that your card doesn’t have an expiration date or there’s no need to pay for any fees to use it. The Cardpool website, though, is only available in the U.S., so if you live outside the country, you won’t be able to avail of its services.

How Can You Make Money With the Cardpool Website?

As mentioned above, you make money on Cardpool by selling unwanted gift cards. The company will be paying for up to 92% of their value, allowing you to earn almost all of the money you spent in purchasing the card.

So if you have a $100 gift card from Best Buy that you want to sell, you can do it at Cardpool and earn as high as $92 for that gift card. The rate the company will offer will vary per the brand of the gift card.

Cardpool will provide you with 2 offers for your gift card, one is where they will process your payment if you accept the offer, the other is where your card will be placed in their marketplace.

By using the marketplace option, you will get paid more but you will only be paid once someone buys your gift card. For a $100 gift card for Best Buy, Cardpool will pay you $88.50 for it if you choose to get paid faster.

If you take it to the marketplace, you can enter your own desired payout, as long as it doesn’t exceed $92.56. The company has a long list of gift cards they will accept.

Cardpool, though, won’t accept gift cards that have a value below $15. You can sell both physical and virtual gift cards. To sell the card, you just need to enter the brand of your gift card and its balance, then choose the payment type you want.

Cardpool will pay you in either Amazon gift cards, which they will deliver to your email address or through paper check that they will mail directly to the address you provide.

Once they have verified the balance on your card, you will receive the payment that you choose. If you go with Amazon gift card, you can expect to receive it within 1 business day.

For paper checks, it will take about 5 to 10 business days and will be delivered to your mailing address via UPS.

If you want to get paid even faster, Cardpool has cashier-assisted locations or kiosk locations where you can exchange your gift card and get paid instantly.

You just need to go to these locations, bring your gift card and an ID, accept the offer they have for your card, and then get paid instantly, either in Amazon gift card or cash.

Cardpool also has a referral program, where they will pay you $5 if a person you refer makes their first purchase on the website. You won’t get paid if they sign up, but you will get paid for their first purchase.

To avail of these services, you just need to register on their website, which is free to do so. You will just need to input your full name, email address, and a password.

What is Good about the Cardpool Website

Now that we have an idea of what Cardpool is and how it works, it’s time to discuss the good things about the website.

  • One of the good things about Cardpool is that it allows you to get rid of your unwanted gift card while getting paid for it as well. Not all of us will have a use for a gift card, so having an option to  dispose of it and make money in the process is a big plus.
  • Having cashier-assisted or kiosk location is also a good thing, as this will allow you to get paid instantly for the gift cards that you are selling. You will just need to go to these locations, sell your card and walk out with cash or an Amazon gift card as payment.
  • It is free to become a member and it is easy to use the website.

What is Bad about the Cardpool Website

Of course, there are also things that I didn’t like about the website that I’ll be discussing here.

  • The website doesn’t have PayPal option for both purchasing and selling of gift cards. This is a letdown for me, considering that a lot of people are making use of PayPal for their online transactions.
  • I noticed a lot of complaints with regards to Cardpool’s slow response to questions and inquiries, especially if it has something to do with issues with the gift card purchased or the gift card being sold.
  • Cardpool not being available worldwide is also a big letdown for me, considering that there are a lot of people from all over the world who also have gift cards they want to get rid of.
  • It doesn’t accept gift cards with value less than $15, which limits the gift cards that you can sell on the website.

Is Cardpool a Scam or a Legit Marketplace for Gift Cards?

Despite the many complains that some people have with their experience in using Cardpool, whether they are a buyer or a seller, I still consider Cardpool a legitimate marketplace for buyers and sellers of gift cards.

Not everyone had a disappointing experience with the company, as there are also a lot of people who were satisfied with their dealings with Cardpool.

The company has also been in business since 2009, so you know it is not a scam because it has been in existence that long.

Is Cardpool to be Recommended?

If you have a lot of unwanted and unused gift cards lying around, then this website is definitely for you. It offers you the chance to earn money from your unused gift cards, provided it has a balance of more than $15.

You also have to make sure there won’t be any fees to be paid before using it and it won’t expire. Other than that, though, I don’t really recommend Cardpool as an income opportunity.

It is designed to be used only by people who like buying gift cards or who have a lot of gift cards they don’t use anymore. If you are neither of them, then the website is of no real use to you.

You are better off to look for a different money making opportunity to help you earn extra income.

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