4 thoughts on “e-Rewards Opinion Panel Review: Legit Or Scam?”

  1. E-rewards started out good but in the past few weeks I have been cheated out of a LOT of e-rewards currency and customer service responds to my complaint with comments that make no sense. Weird excuses. I am tired of being cheated. Somebody is profiting from my time and it is NOT me!

  2. They just suspended my account without warning and could not give me a reason why. They also said I could not redeem the points I had accrued. I had been saving up to buy Choice Hotels points to use on an upcoming vacation. I’m so disappointed. No, I’m pissed.

  3. They also just closed my account about a week ago without any notice. I had over $3000 in site currency & it was forfeited. There’s a limit to how frequently you can cash in for some rewards, so my balance had been growing over time. I had been a panel member for over 10 yrs. They did respond to my emails after a couple attempts & just said that in reviewing my account they felt I was not giving “accurate or attentive” answers. I was really surprised & disappointed after all this time. They would send me tons of invites to surveys & I frequently participated in home product studies, so clearly had never been an issue before. So I wonder if my balance had just gotten too high & that red-flagged my account, so I wouldn’t have an opportunity to use it. They have one of the best reward programs of any survey panel site that I have participated in.


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