19 thoughts on “Elite Deal Club Review – Legit or a Scam?

  1. I did enjoy getting the deals, along with free 2-day (sort of) shipping. I cannot get onto the site now and nothing I do seems to help. Zero customer service is a red flag, to say the least.

    I really appreciated this review. Thank you for your professionalism.

  2. I have been a member of EDC for approximately two months. Well, today I started receiving the ‘CODE NOT FOUND’, which is essentially termination, as I understand it. I emailed them and asked about it. I was answered and told that my account had been ‘flagged for suspicious activity’. WTH?!? I asked for more information and have not received an answer and doubt I will. I’ve researched it and it sounds like this happens to a lot of people. It was entertaining while it lasted I guess. It was a little exciting. Yes, I might lead a boring life if that is the excitement of my day. 🙂 But it did it for me. I’m rather upset. But alas, all good things come to an end, I suppose. I’ve had the errors and the codes not work and the responses I always received were — we tested them the night before and they worked. And I was always made to feel it was my fault. I followed all of their instructions to the T and still it did not work. Maybe that’s why my account was flagged. Maybe because I was getting too much? Maybe because Amazon will only let you write five reviews per week? Not sure. And they won’t answer.

  3. I to am having problems for the past 7 month So! I cannot log on and have emailed them numerous times! They keep saying the same thing and it doesn’t work! There are no phone numbers to contact anyone! Help!

  4. I keep getting messages saying “there is an issue getting your coupon” for weeks. I emailed EDC and they did not respond. Is there any way to get them to straighten out my account? I actually like the deals.

    • I have been having the same issue for about two weeks and I haven’t gotten any assistance from them, even though I wasted my time trying to trouble-shoot the issue myself. I came up with it is an issue with either my user profile or my account. This issue came up as they were “resolving a server issue”. I haven’t been able to get a code since. My last email was over a week ago, after I did what they asked me to do and the issue isn’t resolved. I will say when EDC works it is great! However, the customer service on a scale from 1 to 10 is hovering around a -10 for non-resolution or follow-up.

  5. I began purchasing items through EDC about a month ago. I have received many useful items at a great price but I must say I’ve also purchased items that I really didn’t need simply because of the price. I have not given any reviews as I’ve just began using most of the items I’ve purchased. I have had a handful of codes that did not work. I’ve also emailed them several times with questions and have received a response to all but one. So far I’ve really had no issues. I never heard of EDC until my sister in law told me about them. I’m already an Amazon Prime member so all my products have shipped for free. At this time I’m happy with my purchases.

  6. was a buying member of this site for several months…… now i am banned because of suspcicous activity….. only i cannot get a response as to what labeled me as suspicious…… checking their facebook page, it seems lots and lots and lots of us have been labeled suspicious

    • My account was flagged for suspicious activity. I’ve always used every coupon I’ve gotten (unless the code was invalid), so I know I haven’t done anything wrong.
      I emailed them, and I did get a response. However, they refused to reinstate my account. When my husband logged onto his, he was flagged too, and he has never purchased anything! My grandma wanted in on a deal, so I signed her up, and from the moment she became a member, she was flagged! I just don’t get it.

  7. You don’t have to write a review of the products you buy. The company does not provide even mediocre customer service. I am sure they list items that they do not even have available because an instant after listing items they say they are all sold out. I have purchased some things that are truely good deals . But if something goes wrong with the process EDC does not care. Seems like they are a one or two person of it run out of a garage somewhere.

  8. This is a reply I got from edc customer service after getting the cose not found for the longest time then logfing on today to find my account has been deactivated due to suspicious activity.

    We really appreciate you giving Elite Deal Club a try and using our platform. Unfortunately, your account engaged in activities that flagged it for suspension and we are unable to share what activities would flag an account as suspicious.

    To protect our active members and sellers alike, we are unable to reinstate your account.

    Again, thank you for using Elite Deal Club. We hope you can continue to find good deals on other websites!

    EDC Team

    • They just sent me the same exact response after I used the site for 2 days. It made me feel like the company doesn’t care about customer service at all or is hiding something.

  9. So many people are getting blacklisted by EDC with the same “canned” response of Your account has been flagged due to suspicious activity. I believe that Elite Deal Club is the one acting suspicious. My account was flagged after 3 years of using EDC. And anyone who has used my wifi can no longer access coupons from EDC. That is crazy. I had complained about a few of the sellers offering discounts that were not factual. It was the same sellers every time and I pointed this out with screen shots to be thorough. I pointed out that it made EDC look bad if there were fraudulent price points advertised frequently. They blamed the seller for chabging the price, however kept the item advertised at that price point for a week . which i pointed out.. and voila I was flagged shortly (banned) thereafter. Something is rotten here,

  10. I used EDC for several months and although there were several times a coupon wouldn’t work, I always received a prompt reply when emailing them. Then, out of the blue I went to log in after not using it for a couple of days and it said my account had been closed due to spicious activity. Of course I did not know what they were referring to and I emailed them and have not heard back. After reading this I wonder…was it because I did not leave enough reviews? I have left some, but a lot of items I received I was using as Christmas gifts or they were supplements that I couldn’t leave an honest review on as I hadn’t had time to see the full effect. Do they just close accounts to make room for more people? This is so sad!

  11. I only used the program for about 2 wks. Now when I log in I get the screen that says I’m not getting items for reviews where you click awesome or thank you, then it kicks me right back to the log in screen. I made another account with my alternate email and used it about 2 wks and the same thing has happened. I’ve emailed EDC and no replies.

  12. I had been a customer for over a year. I was getting tons of stuff and really happy. Did my reviews till all of a sudden Amazon blocked me from writing them. Saying that I can’t review anything under 50 dollars. Okay? Then slowly I started getting less and less because it was either sold out for the day, or the coupon was bad, or “there was trouble accessing the voucher”. I have sent emails often and usually get the same response with no help. I was sent an email to do a review of their site and when I complained that I never get help with issues, it seems like now I can’t get one single item. So I guess I am basically blocked out. I even deleted my account and have tried to sigh up with a different email address. Still the same. I think they go by your Amazon account and know who you are so they lock you out that way.
    I have to say, with at least the 100 or so products I got, they have all been less than 5dlrs. and really great products. No problem ever with their quality or delivery.
    It’s to bad they are being so shady and difficult to work with now.

  13. For months I LOVED shopping on here. Loved it. I have not found a site with better deals and I like the fast grabbing game.

    Then there stopped being codes. They just stopped existing a month ago. The page loads all normal but every single item on the page says that there is an error.

    When you contact them you get this pile of crap from them:

    If when attempting to receive a coupon you are faced with “We are sorry for the trouble, but there was an issue getting a coupon.” it is because you are attempting to receive a coupon too early or a coupon code could not be found.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation!

    Thank you,
    EDC Team

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