6 thoughts on “Fetch Rewards App Review: Is It A Scam Or A Legit Way To Earn While Shopping?”

  1. I have over 8,000 points but have’nt receive any awards as yet. I am not ready to redeem any of my points….thought once I get over 3,000 I would start seeing some awards posted.

  2. I had over 8800 in points and needed to change my password and they suspended my account. They stated that I requested it and all I done was question what happened to my account. I have issues with it not capturing my complete receipts and having to wait for them to check into it and they never respond. I have never received anything from them

  3. Having hard time getting bonus points. Dont know if its a scam or not. When you upload the receipt alot of the purchases are left off the receipt. I am going to contact the companies of the products to see whats going on


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