2 thoughts on “Freedom Equity Group Review – Legit Company or Scam?”

  1. Complete and utter SCAM. MLM. Watch out all agents! I was there for nine months. In the inner circle. They want you to contract with all their carriers, then sell to your warm market, even one app will then hold you hostage to them with ALL THE CARRIERS for six months. NO RELEASES for all carriers. Beware David Weiner, over 1000 agents have lost thousands with no income or sales. It’s all about recruitment to get you to sell to your warm market. The call center doesn’t work. Even the lady who runs the call center Coletta Hodges, said “I can’t recruit into this team only to lead people to financial devastation” and “I have never been associated with a company where nobody made money” in a mentor meeting. 70% contracts, complete and utter predators on brand new and experienced agents alike. It is one of the most dishonest, predatory IMO’s I have ever been associated with.

  2. They charged me $125 and my “mentor” was to have me up and running within 3 days. All I got were excuses like “my phone is dead” as to why he could not call me to get me going. After that I realized this is nothing more than an MLM that all they want is for you to recruit. Their contract percentages are RIDICULOUS and the $300/month fee for “leads” is LIDACROUS. Lastly, I asked for a refund of my $125 cause I was flat out lied to. Was told id get a 50% contract and my “mentor” put me at a 30% contract, total liars and scammers. They wont refund me even after I have an email stating they will so now I go to the BBB and ripoffreport.com and their state attorney general.
    BTW, I got a 95% contract with my current company. STAY AWAY FROM DAVE WEINER AND FEG

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