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  1. This is an invaluable cite that is extreme helpful. It leads you in a direction that a person wants to go as well as provide a thorough evaluation of each proposed idea. I like it. Thank you.

  2. Hello!
    I was thinking of getting started with slicethepie because I am a music major but I was also reading what you have written about iWriter. I am curious about the content of the articles. If we took your example, say, of golf bags, I know nothing about that! Would I research until I had a substantial article or do I have more ability to choose something that I was more knowledgeable about?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Emma,

      Yes, you do have the ability to choose topics that you’re familar with. There are literally hundreds of articles being requested on a daily basis, so I’d imagine you’ll have enough work to keep you busy.


  3. Hi !
    This is really helpful, and I’m seriously considering trying it out. I just have one question, is it international ? I live in Europe, and was wondering if I still would be able to use it ?

  4. Good Day Frank! All the things you’ve discussed are helpful, how can i pay to get Premium on Wealthy Affiliate since i live here in the Philippines and its not free? currently i do not have a credit card, what are the options?

  5. I have been looking over various review sites for ways to make money online, and so far IWrite is the most intriguing.
    But, I know that there are age requirements for most sites. And I am a fourteen year old girl with a passion for writing, and I still have yet to make money from it.
    So I was wondering if this would be the best site for someone my age, or if I should just avoid these sights completely?

    • iWriter pays via paypal, so if you can get a paypal account and you meet the other criteria mentioned on their website then yes, you could make money as a writer for sure.

  6. Hi there.great article.thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.I have a question.can you request another article immediately after you finish one article or you just have to wait thankyou

  7. Dear Frank
    is their any alternative website like iwriter, that is authenticated too. Because in our region iwriter gives 404 error. I’ll appreciate your suggestions.

  8. Is Iwriter risk free? Risk free meaning you don’t get charged money at anytime and it is a safe way to make money online?

  9. I also work with Iwriter and found this post informative. Thanks for the article. You could as well read here how you can become successful on Iwriter.

    Thank you

  10. hello,
    my name is victor and i reside in kenya currently a media student and i have been doing artticle writting for while but it turns out that at time i dont get paid since am told that i reside outside the border limits of the company requirements. so if am in kenya and am willing to do the job without limits are there any special conditions or instructions?.
    thanks in advance.

  11. Does it request reviews on specific brands of a certain item, and would I have to leave my computer for anything I’d need to do when writing an article?

    • They can ask for reviews on specific items, however, it’s really up to you as to whether to want to write the article.

  12. Hello. Nice article. Can you tell me for tax purposes, would iWriter 10-99 me at the end of the year? I am disabled & need to monitor my earnings. Thank you for your valuable writing.

  13. Your website has been pretty helpful with not just explaining what this site is about, but also in helping give good about a number a writing and online money-making opportunities. I had tried it back in about 2010-2012, and it was like the 15th labor of Hercules that no one talks about. Now with certain options, I feel like I can get back in the game. Thanks for this article, as well as the one on slicethepie.

  14. Frank you are such a kind of a person you managed to put me into track, now i understand this making money on line thing.

  15. This is really nice I would like to be one of your high esteemed organisation’s writers. Can’t wait to become a writer of Iwrite

  16. hi frank. Thank you for the informative post. I tried to register on the iwriter, however they stated that they are not accepting new writers. is that gonna be a forever situation? I really want to try it out.

  17. Hello good day, this iwriter program is very interesting, so I read a person can get money for writing articles. It catches my attention and I would like to do it I love writing. On the other hand, I would like to know where I find the registration form?
    Thank you

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