Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs Via Shareasale

For those of you who like to be fashionable, you might have heard about the best jewelry affiliate programs. There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there and they promise big commission checks for you. But do all of them really work? How much money can you earn from joining these programs? Here’s a look at the top affiliate jewelry programs, their strengths and their weaknesses.

best jewelry affiliate programs

One of the best jewelry affiliate programs has to be the C.O.G. Network. This program is a joint venture between seven different jewelry distributors and one of the highest ranked affiliate marketing networks. By promoting their products, these retailers receive a share of each sale that originates from the affiliates. The program has a special commission rate of one percent and offers two options: one-day or two-day commission cycles.

Jewelry companies who choose to participate in these best jewelry affiliate programs should be especially careful to target local customers. Although the top affiliates have global reach with their products, they also need to consider the niche market of each city in which they sell. In the jewelry niche, it’s not uncommon to see diamond jewelry sold by neighborhood shops, department stores, boutiques, and even gas stations. By targeting customers in these various locations, the jewelry companies are able to expand their customer base and thereby expand their business.

When shopping for the best jewelry affiliate programs, it’s also important to look for commissions that pay a decent level of commission. Some of the programs pay only a one-time flat fee that comes with residual payments. Other programs pay annual or monthly recurring commissions. By working hard to find a company that matches your niche’s needs, you’re sure to be rewarded handsomely. Just be sure to evaluate the level of compensation appropriately.

A commission based program will likely ask you to place a cookie on your website. The cookie will remain visible until your account is closed. Each time you refer a customer to that jewelry site, you earn a commission. Jewelry affiliate programs square measure this commission as “drip” commission because it’s the sales rep who “rewards” you for bringing the customer to their site. It’s easy money, but you need to be careful to not abuse your privilege.

Some marketers earn commissions by allowing others to post links to their site on your blog or website. By allowing a third party to post banners or links on your website, you can share part of the earning potential. Sharing amorium square measure means you share a portion of revenue from every sale made through your referral. You can specify the percentage you earn through these shares by choosing what percentage you want to share with the individual who referred customers.

Jewelry affiliate programs are perfect for those new to niche marketing. They are very simple to get started with and offer great opportunities for niche marketers to make a lot of money in very little time. The best part about these sites is that they offer many options for new marketers to start making money in their niche. Even if you choose to market other things besides jewelry, you can still choose to do affiliate marketing in your niche.

There is no cost to sign up to an affiliate program via shareasale and there are no long-term commitments. The initial payment you make will be taken out of each referral you make. There is also no cap on the amount of referrals you can sign up for or make. Once you are set up with an affiliate program via shareasale, you are free to promote any item you wish in any category. This gives you tremendous freedom to choose items that will best benefit your prospects.

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