Best Yoga Affiliate Programs

best yoga affiliate programs

Best Yoga Affiliate Programs

Yoga affiliate programs can make you a millionaire! Sounds like a far-fetched dream? Not any more. This article discusses how to find the best yoga affiliate programs for your online business.

First of all, let me introduce you to the best yoga affiliate programs. Most affiliates offer sub-categories like weight loss, relaxation and diet. These niches have billions of potential buyers! So, what’s in it for you? As an affiliate marketer, a good question!

best yoga affiliate programs offer a simple commission structure. Some of these programs pay a flat one-time commission, some pay a monthly residual commission, others offer a multiple-tiered commission structure. A popular option is the cookie duration program. With a cookie duration program, the affiliate marketer is rewarded for every visitor who opts in to the program for a particular period of time – typically one month.

Some of the top programs include: Pure Calm, Connect, Share & Grow, TargetPoint, Inc., Zeneflux and More to name a few. There are other affiliate networks offering excellent options as well. The most important factor is to find an affiliate network with strong traffic and high conversion rates. If the network has a low click through rate (CTR), that means that a lot of visitors may be exiting the program before they buy anything.

Other factors that contribute to a CTR include the value of the products and the value of the offers. A good example is a free e-book on how to meditate. If visitors are not motivated to purchase the book, it’s unlikely that they’ll sign up for a full year – or even several months – to receive the e-book. So the value of the offers should be powerful enough to motivate visitors to sign up for a minimum of six months.

Some affiliate programs will offer visitors the opportunity to subscribe for just a month at a time. Other programs will provide incentives for signing up for longer. But generally, the best affiliate programs have one thing in common. They have a solid incentive program in place that makes sense to the customer, is easy to understand, and rewards visitors for their efforts.

For example, a good program will provide potential customers with a free e-book, a helpful blog topic, and the ability to download an MP3 recording of the audio conversation between a couple of fitness experts. Visitors will have no need to purchase anything to get started. They’ll simply listen to the audio recording and do what is instructed in the text. The subscriber will receive a special email with a link to the mp3 recording after they have subscribed for a certain amount of time. If they decide that they are ready to purchase some yoga or meditation exercises from the vendor, they can simply click the purchase link that is included in the email.

The second aspect of the best yoga affiliate programs involves the level of the customer service. If the program allows subscribers to contact the vendors directly, without having to fill out lengthy forms, the customer satisfaction ratio will be much higher. One common mistake is for programs to require customers to fill out long forms just to get an answer to one simple question. Incentives and bonuses should not be designed to be hard to come by, but rather, should be offered in a way that ensures that people who are serious about their health and yoga are going to complete the tasks necessary to get them started. Programs that pay generous commissions on sales usually provide a sufficient incentive for the motivated seller.

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