MLM’s Mindset

I feel that it might be of benefit to understand the mindset of the people we are targeting with our articles.

This will give you some insight into what pushes their buttons.

If we push the right buttons, then they’ll be more willing to listen to our recommendations.

So let’s start.

What they focus on

Two main things that new recruits focus on when they look into an MLM business.

  1. The products being sold.
  2. Recruiting people.

There is usually an uneven split in these two areas for different individuals.

Type 1

Some people (type 1) want to be in the business because of the products, (i.e.) they like the products and as a consultant they get discounts on the products, so that’s a bonus, and they imagine that they could sell the products successfully, because it’s something that they might have a natural interest in.

But ultimately they are trying to earn money from selling the products.

Their selling techniques

They try to justify the benefits of the products to people they selling too, and they are trying to convince themselves and other people that their products cures all ailments and is the best thing since sliced bread.

So their sales tack tick is to lead with the benefits of the products.

Just on that …

Some products lend themselves to negative feedback, so it is something that you could easily use in a review.

So if you see a trend where people are experiencing the same rash on their skin, then this could be used as a point in your “What I didn’t like about Product Name”

Type 2

The other type (type 2) of recruits see the products as a vehicle to make money.

They’re more interested in how they make money, how much they get paid per sale, and how fast they can fill up their down-line.

They also know that the real money comes from recruiting other people into their down-line, so they focus on getting people into their down-line.

They do this, by identifying what type of person they’re talking to an then pitching either the business model and how to make money, or leading with the products and how they can make money because the products sell themselves.

They’re also interested in a way to generate leads on a daily basis.

What do both Types have in common?

Ultimately, both these types have the same goal in mind – to make money, but one type will be more successful than the other, that being type 2, because of where their focus is.

They both have a need to recruit people to sell products and fill their down-line.

Therefore the ultimate goal for both is to get a steady flow of new people coming in to their business.

What do most traditional MLM’s teach new recruits?

They typically tell them to tap into their warm market first in order to make sales.

A warm market is basically people you know, and who know you.

For example : your friends, family, co-workers, church, school associates etc etc.

Only problem is, what happens when you have asked them all to buy products?

You have no one else to sell products to.

That in itself can be a huge negative to new recruits.

And as such you can connect with them at this level.

To connect with them, you’re basically emphasizing with them.

I mean, no one wants to approach their warm market, if at all possible, as it could be embarrassing, or they feel judged, so this is something that could work in your favor when getting a point across.

Cold calling is not fun so once they’ve exhausted their warm market then they will have to resort to cold calling, hold house parties, and list goes on and on.

The Ultimate solution for MLMer’s

The ultimate solution for these guys is if they have a system that generates new leads for them on a daily basis.

No more cold calling, no more house parties, no more door knocking, no more rejection.

A system that brings highly targeted and highly motivated people to join their business daily.

Selling to a highly targeted and motivated person who has the same mindset as you is a lot easier than selling to someone who is simply not interested.

The kind of people who are looking to earn a living and who are hungry for the right opportunity.

This is not hard to do really.

All they have to do is follow a simple set of tasks on a daily basis and they could create their own lead generating system. That brings in new business on a daily basis.

We have that solution

My entire website, apart from educating people on business opportunities, is set up to bring in new leads each and everyday, so you know first hand that I am telling you this works.

So the way we do it, is to create an online asset (website) that targets the right people and brings them to you instead of you chasing them.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches them how to do this for any type of business.

They can be in any MLM and the principles taught work for any business.

They’ll basically be creating mini lead generating machine that works for them day and night, constantly bringing in new leads.

Our ultimate aim with all of these reviews, is to get them interested in looking at Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help build their business for them.

Look at how I have done it with other articles.

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