9 thoughts on “Pinecone Research – A Legit Survey Site Or A Scam? – Read This Before You Sign Up

  1. I was due more points than the VISA card issued to me. Pinecone Research keeps assuring me I was paid in full but refuses to specify when and how. I’ve been with them at least 15 years, so I am really disappointed in their customer service.

  2. As you know, there are lot of scam survey sites online and many more keep coming. Some may decide to pay you once and scam you once they realized you have trusted them. To avoid scam and join legitimate survey sites, you must:

    1. Not pay to join. Any survey site that asks you to pay before joining is a big scam. Paid survey is free everywhere.

    2. Research about a particular site before join. Just google the “name of site + Scam” and you will be able to read all people are saying about the site. If there are lots of complaints,that shows they are not sincere, pls, stay away.

    3. Search for their payment proof online. Using Google image search and Search for eg, “Cashcrate scam” and it will bring you all their payment proofs if there is. If not, stay away.

    4. Make sure you read their term of services before joining to avoid making any mistake that might cost you your hard earn money.

    Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

  3. After a couple of years of very infrequent surveys, they booted me out. After I finally got an answer it was something about better serving their clients. So, not a full on scam, but not truly legit, either. I would rather not answer long surveys for nothing anyway.

  4. I am a member of Pine Cone, I do not do it for the money, I do it to pass the time. If I have a few minutes I do a survey or two. I do not earn a lot, but I am able to buy used books, audio tapes, DVDs for my kids on Amazon. Every little bit helps

  5. I am starting to believe they are a scam. I have an account with them but now am never able to log in, after doing surveys for about a couple of months. My account is locked and have sent numerous emails about this but have received no reply after a week of waiting.

  6. they lock me out of my account ,so I can only get in once a month at the most.Also limit the number of surveys sent ,used to be twice monthly now quarterly if Im lucky ,believe its a scam-much better out there look elsewhere

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