Is Evolvhealth A Pyramid Scheme?

is evolvhealth a pyramid scheme

Is Evolvhealth A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Evolvhealth a pyramid scheme? This is a question that is often asked when a new person comes onto the internet and sees all of these people making money on TV. They may have visions of themselves being rich in no time. But is Evolvhealth a pyramid scheme? Is it a company that will promise all of those things, but give you no results?

A pure pyramid scheme is one in which there are many levels of recruitment with the top position usually held by the most experienced recruits. The newer companies that have come onto the market have a lot of employees that have been hired to work at lower salaries because the company is new and doesn’t yet have the financial backing to spend big bucks on advertising. The recruits then in turn are told that they will be investing their time and money into a product-based business opportunity. And if they don’t like what the product is or think it won’t help them, then they should just quit.

But is Evolvhealth a pure pyramid scheme? It uses some product-based pyramid schemes techniques, but not in the way that many people think of when they hear about them. It’s a network marketing company, not a direct sales company. The company does have a sales element, and it does tell customers that by purchasing a product, they will be helping a good cause. But what they are telling you is that they are using this product as a means to make money.

It is impossible to make money on the internet in this day and age without using a product-based pyramid scheme. The internet is an avenue for you to make money. But if you ask an internet marketer if it’s possible to make money without selling products, they will tell you no. They know you can’t. That’s where most people who want to start a home based business end up.

Evolvhealth has a solid business opportunity. distributor compensation plans provide compensation for your efforts, not just for the products you sell. Their income disclosure page states that all distributors will receive the same income (this is in USD). That’s important because most pyramid schemes only allow distributors to receive commissions on the sales of products that the top distributors have made.

Unlike other companies that offer a business opportunity with questionable income disclosure practices, Evolvhealth goes one step further. All of their distributors will receive an income disclosure document that shows each distributor’s commission and what their total sales were over the course of the year. Every distributor is given personal information on what he paid his team, including salary, commission, and total sales. There’s no question as to how much money these individuals are making. So the question is whether or not making money through Evolvhealth is a pyramid scheme or not.

The truth is that the internet has opened up a new opportunity for network marketers. It is very difficult to find companies that will offer a good product and reasonable compensation to network marketers. Most of the companies out there are focused on selling products instead of sharing the revenue with their distributors. This makes it very difficult to build a long term business. With Evolvhealth, the company is focused on building a business. This makes it much easier to understand how they make money compared to other companies that have income disclosure.

Evolvhealth isn’t a pure pyramid scheme either. The product-based pyramid schemes that exist today simply don’t allow their distributors to make money without having to do any work. By selling a product and getting paid only what the distributors are worth, it doesn’t follow that they make any money at all. With Evolvhealth, distributors actually make money on the business instead of the other way around.

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