Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam?

Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam? – Before we answer that question, let’s get to know this program or scheme. It is called Millionaire Biz Pro (M BP) because it is run by Derek Maxwell, also known as Internet Marketer. Derek is the founder of multiple online businesses including Internet Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. His latest venture is Millionaire Biz Pro, which he calls his “secret sauce”.

is millionaire biz pro a scam

Products Or Services Offered: Millionaire Biz Pro offers one of the many online marketing programs that is popular among internet marketers. The main selling point is its sales video. In the sales video, Derek apparently states that his product is a “one stop” solution for anyone who is interested in making money online. It offers “no risk”, “no obligations” and “no complications”. Also in the sales video, Derek Maxwell claims that since creating the Millionaire Biz Pro system, he has received lots of positive reviews from “real customers”.

But does Millionaire Biz Pro really work? For my part, I would say that it is a scam. It is like many other internet marketing schemes in that it talks a lot about overnight success and the benefits that you will receive with just one click of the mouse…and the only thing that you will gain from this is a stock photo of a middle-aged man wearing glasses that no one has. In addition, you will get paid for every sale that you make on your site, even if it is something as simple as a one-month membership to a dating website. And did I mention that you will be paid commissions on each of the services that you promote on your site.

While I am not saying that Millionaire Biz Pro is a scam, I am saying that it falls into several categories of scams, all of which suggest that individuals involved make a great deal of money in a relatively short period of time. One of these categories is the upsell. In many online marketing systems, selling is a common practice. For example, if you sign up for services such as blog posting or lead generation services, you will likely receive a number of spells from other companies. These may include a monthly newsletter or free reports that may suggest a specific theme for your site, or other similar services.

Another category of scams is the spells that accompany email sales pitches. For example, if you are interested in receiving tips about how to market on the internet, you may be directed to a page that contains a download for a free training program. Upon further reading, you may find that this particular training program is targeted at people who market on the internet and who make money with affiliate programs. If you purchase the training materials, you may discover that you will be required to purchase a product from the company that sent you the email. This is another way in which you can be scammed.

An even bigger category of scams is the sales pages that use “spinning” techniques. For example, if you visit a site such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Orkut, or Facebook you will likely see a sales page that displays a product name, an attractive graphic, and a tempting landing page that draw you in. Once you click on the landing page, you will be taken to a page where you are asked to input your personal information, such as your name and mailing address. This is where you are subjected to the scam technique, where you are encouraged to enter your credit card number in order to complete the transaction.

The way that all of this works is that you sign up for the program in the first place in hopes of receiving the “millionaires” email. Once you get access to the site, however, you do not see anything but the plain old sales page. You have no way of seeing the content or seeing any testimonials of real people making money online. Consequently, you think to yourself that since nothing is visible on the sales page, it must be a scam. You continue to click the “pro” button as if there were no way out of the situation.

What really happens here is that you unknowingly end up paying for affiliate marketing products in order to get access to Millionaire Biz Pro and are later told that you cannot refund the money because you are a new customer. When you finally realize that you signed up for an unfulfilling program, you seek to get out of the contract. However, you are told that you must pay up-front to continue and that you cannot refund the money because you are an existing customer. This is a scheme created by the company in order to collect affiliate commissions from you. If you think that this product type is good for your career, go ahead and buy it, but do not waste your time or money on other programs unless you are sure that they are a legitimate opportunity.

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