Is the Kiwi Method a Scam?

is the kiwi method a scam

Is the Kiwi Method a Scam?

There are plenty of people who have become millionaires from the “Kiwi Method” alone. However, you need to ask yourself this – is the “Kiwi Method” a scam? This is probably the number one question of New Zealanders, as it has caught on here in the UK too. The popularity of the “Kiwi Method” is mainly due to the fact that the brokers who are associated with it are all licensed by the NZ mortgage brokers Association.

Now why do some people say the “Kiwi Method” is a scam? Well, let’s be honest – if these guys weren’t genuine then they would be easily identifiable as unlicensed and it is just plain simple mathematics. The people at the top of the industry make a lot more from selling a product that doesn’t work than they do from selling a product (a broker) that actually works. When they are not making the money they want, they are not spending their time making more money. They will still be there, spending their weekends and evenings giving speeches and travelling around promoting their products, day in and day out.

Now we know they are not making the money they say they are, it is easy to see that maybe they don’t deserve to be paid so much. In this respect, the “Kiwi Method” is not a scam in the same way some people say the “Google AdSense scam” is. With the Google AdSense program, you must pay a monthly minimum (otherwise you get banned) and you only get paid if people click on your ad. That is much easier to understand.

However, there is still no satisfactory explanation as to why these brokers are making so much money. So why do people think the “Kiwi Method” is a scam? Well the simple answer is because the brokers know they are selling a bad product. The “Kiwi Method” is a complex binary trading system where you need to know very specific information in order to make money online. There are many brokers out there that try to sell their services to people who don’t have a clue what they are doing.

However, the biggest reason why people think the “Kiwi Method” is a scam is because of the unlicensed brokers. These unlicensed brokers are not regulated in the same way the regulated brokers are. This opens the door for fraud and people running off with people’s money. You may ask yourself, if the unlicensed brokers are making so much money, why would anyone want to run away from the binary trading system.

The answer to that is because they don’t have to do anything to make money online. If someone wants to make money using the Kiwi Method, they will find ways to get around the unlicensed brokers. You might find a robot or something that will promise you to make money online without doing any work. Most of these products are fake and they don’t even work.

A better question is, “Does the Kiwi Method actually work?” If the creators of the binary options product really thought it was going to work, they would have given all of the details and information to the press and media. They wouldn’t have gotten into trouble by doing this. Unfortunately, most of the media got the story wrong and ran with stories about scams. They created a huge hype and made it seem like the “Kiwi Method” was a gold mine. The original creator of the binary trading system was actually arrested, but he is currently free and has yet to serve time for his crime.

If you are asking yourself “is the kiwi method a scam? “, it is probably best to start thinking in the negative. There are plenty of legitimate binary options trading systems out there. However, the reason that people think the “Kiwi Method” is a scam is because they read about it in the press and get caught up in the hype. Before you invest in these systems, make sure you do your research!

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