Is Wiki Trader a Scam?

Does the Site, known as WikiTrader a scam? The question may seem rhetorical, because Wiki Trader’s sales page brags of the many “services” that it has to offer. In fact, the site offers trading systems, software, indicators, strategy guides, and so much more that seems pretty enticing. Before we look at whether or not this website is a scam, let us first examine how it operates.

is wiki trader a scam

At the beginning of the video, when you enter the website, Kelly Boobs Wallace grins and flashes a big happy smile. You are immediately greeted by a very informative sales video that explains how traders can make money by trading unregistered binary options. You then are taken to a help center, where there are several videos and articles for beginners to help you understand the way these markets work. One of the videos takes you through a tutorial that teaches you how to open a MetaTrader account. Once you click through the introductory video, you are taken to a page where you can create your first MetaTrader account and choose which types of trading you’d like to do.

The next step in the sales video is to select the type of unregistered broker that you’d like to be associated with. This includes the types of markets you wish to trade, the method of buying and selling that you want to use, and how you would like to receive your commissions. Each of these choices are made based on the strategies outlined in the Wiki Trader training videos and articles. Once you’ve made your selection, you are taken to a survey page where you can choose how you’d like to receive your commissions, how you want to spend those commissions, and other information that pertains to the unregistered brokers who will be working with you.

If these marketing techniques are confusing, don’t worry. The website is made as easy as possible to read and navigate so that newcomers to the industry won’t have any issues getting their way around. Even if you aren’t comfortable with the language used or the entire site, you’ll understand everything that is being said within a matter of seconds. All the tutorials, FAQs, and frequently asked questions are available in English, making it easier for newcomers to understand the website and what they are getting into.

The next thing you’ll find is that the instructions and information given to you through the tutorials are given in an organized manner. For example, instead of just listing the different ways to make money with MetaTrader, the website has an FAQ section that explains each step in detail. There is also a list of frequently asked questions that is located in the section that gives you an idea of what you’ll be dealing with in the beginning months to several years of trading before you start making real money. Everything is organized and clearly laid out so that newcomers to the industry won’t get lost along the way.

Another thing that you’ll find is that the pricing structure is straightforward. Unlike some of the other systems out there, you won’t find many different campaigns to start with. This keeps prices low while allowing new traders to make money as they learn and grow with their trade. MetaTrader also has an automated system that allows you to set your own parameters and experiment with different campaigns before you make the final decision on which one you’re going to go with. This eliminates the guesswork of having to figure out how to manually create a profitable campaign.

In order to determine if Wiki Trader is a scam or not, you have to look beyond the simple title and the “get rich quick” promise that is often attached to the business. A legitimate forex trader will offer training and will offer a variety of methods, but a good trader will want to focus on learning the basics first and then experimenting with the campaigns once they are more familiar with the market. When you do this, you’ll find that you’re trading campaigns that are both profitable and unique. This is the mark of a good free software program.

If you’re still wondering is wiki trader a scam? The answer is no. This is a legitimate Forex trading robot that can greatly increase your profits, even without the use of automated software. It’s been around for a while and has proven itself many times over. So even if it does have a bad name now, that doesn’t mean that it’s a scam!

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