Premier Financial Alliance Review – Why We Didn’t Join Them & What You Should Really Expect From Them

premier financial alliance review

Premier Financial Alliance Review – Why We Didn’t Join Them & What You Should Really Expect From Them

Premier Financial Alliance Review is about a new company called Premier Financial Alliance. This company is a secret multi-level marketing business claiming to provide an amazing opportunity to build an income from home just by sharing your ideas. The claim is that they have turned around millions of dollars from the people who joined and want to share their ideas. They say that their company is the only one that has ever made this type of claim and they are here to help you.

There is however more to this story and this is the Premier Financial Alliance Review. First let’s explain what is a pyramid scheme? A pyramid scheme is when a person makes a single payment for joining the program and then they keep making new payments based on the success they had made the last payment. Usually a commission is received. This is common with retail sales companies and other businesses where you make one payment and get paid another. Many retailers are using retail sales to help make more money due to the economy and this makes it very appealing.

Premier Financial Alliance claims that their premier MLM opportunity is an innovative and cutting edge company that provides an excellent service to join. The company is an MLM company that is also good at creating the illusion of having a downline. They say their system is so unique that not even direct marketers will know how to duplicate it. In fact they say that due diligence is required to make sure that there are no illegal pyramid schemes present in their plan.

As a result of this myth premier financial alliance was asked to appear in a California lawsuit filed by a group of direct marketers. We attended the class which taught us many things about this multi-level marketing business opportunity. Premier financial alliance also has a good reputation. One thing we noticed was that everyone seemed to like this business opportunity.

When they told us about premier financial alliance we all looked at each other and said, “I have no idea what this is”. They told us that if we don’t earn $125 non-refundable fee by the end of the course then we will be sent to the red flag page. When we clicked the red flag page we got a message from someone who told us that they are a licensed reseller and they are selling premier business opportunities. I don’t believe that this is true. I believe this is one of the reasons why this MLM company is so successful.

If you go online and do a search for “premier financial alliance review” you will find a lot of information about this company. You can also access their website and read all about their income plan, compensation plan, cost per action program, marketing tips, and business development. The only reason why we didn’t join them is because we haven’t found a product that we like yet. If we could find a product that we really enjoyed then we would join Premier Financial Alliance. So basically the reason why this MLM company has turned into a pyramid scheme is because you are going to make a large initial commission and your recruits will sell products to your down line so they can make money too.

So in conclusion, this MLM company is not a pyramid scheme and it is not a legitimate, direct sales company. You don’t have to sell products or services to make money with this company. The reason this company turned into a pyramid scheme is because the people at the top don’t make any money until there are enough new recruits below them to start making money too. This MLM business opportunity is different from most because the product, service or opportunity that you will receive from premier financial alliance is completely worth the price that you will pay for it. Just be careful if you decide to join this MLM business opportunity.

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