What are Beyond Slim and Gold? A New Insights Into YouTube Marketing

what is beyond slim

What are Beyond Slim and Gold? A New Insights Into YouTube Marketing

“Beyond Slim!” is an online community on a quest to help millions of individuals become Healthier, Fitter, and happier. Driven by an ever-growing desire to spread the word about positive, life-changing results, we are always looking for new ways to reach our goal. Our latest innovation…the beyond slim video series! Now reaching an incredible number of individuals through the power of the internet, Beyond Slim Video is a series of informational videos designed to educate and inspire.

What is Beyond Slim Video? This is an educational video series designed to provide the latest information and trends on living a healthier, active lifestyle. We meet with industry leaders, health experts, lifestyle coaches, and researchers that are actively transforming lives in an effort to become healthier and thinner. We are also featuring the voices of everyday people like you and me who are making a difference in their own health, in the lives of their family and friends, and in the lives of their own social marketer and influencers. We invite you to be part of this movement!

In the first episode of what is beyond slim, we speak with social marketer Sammie Fuller. Ms. Fuller has seen her share of struggles as an active customer, but she is determined to overcome those struggles because it will ultimately make her happier and more successful. In her case, that means creating a thriving business that attracts healthy, active customers. In this episode, she shares with us some of the strategies that worked for her and what she has learned along the way.

The second Beyond Slim Video we spotlight is from social marketer 5 years ago, Nicole Sandler. She outlines in detail the role that compensation plans and endorsements play in the success or failure of your business efforts. She makes a powerful case for creating compensation plans that are not just good for the company, but great for the employees. In the discussion, she also shares some strategies that worked well for her and what she has done since then to maintain the same results.

The third video we feature comes from the influencers 9. Tiffany Taylor takes a look at what happens when you work within a company without a compensation plan. Instead, you have an agreement with the company that pays you based on sales. She shares with us the things she has done in order to build a successful business and avoid the common pitfalls many people fall into when working from home.

The last thing we feature comes from social media personality, Zipslim. Zipslim takes a look at the ins and outs of using YouTube as a marketing tool to boost sales and attract customers. In this video, Zipslim looks beyond the typical sales pitch and talks about the ins and outs of using YouTube as a source to boost profits.

All of the videos we feature take a holistic approach to things. That is why we find ourselves featuring all three videos above. This is because each of the videos below provides an insightful peek into what is beyond slim and gold.

If you want to become successful online, you need to have the right formula to follow. What is beyond slim and gold is having a system that works. If you have tried the above videos, you can see that they are very concentrated on one aspect of how to make money online. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop looking at these different angles and considering new ways to build your income online.

The first video above is “What is beyond slim and gold?” by Dan Carpenter. This is an interview from Mark Thompson, the creator of the Internet marketing tool Social Capital. In the video, he discusses ways to use YouTube to explode your social capital. Many people use YouTube as a source to create viral videos that get them seen all over the web and ultimately increase their visibility and influence online.

The second video above, “What is beyond slim and gold?” by Dan Carpenter discusses creating a very unique formula for getting your brand out there. He does this by using YouTube’s search function and has been able to use this to increase his brand’s visibility online. Many people use YouTube for search and you will quickly see that this search tool is much more refined than the one used by Google.

The third video is called “What is Beyond Slim and Gold?” by Dan Carpenter. This is the full interview from Mark Thompson discussing social media, creating a viral video, and more. In the video he talks about how his business was originally built on Twitter before moving into other forms of internet marketing such as Facebook and LinkedIn. One key thing to pay attention to with these three videos is that they are all extremely insightful and well produced. If you want to learn more about how to use YouTube as part of your internet marketing strategy, you definitely want to take a look at these videos from the experts themselves:

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