What Are LifeVantage – An Independent Weight Loss and Health Opportunity For Independent Distributors

What is LifeVantage? LifeVantage is a MLM direct sales company based in Sandy, UT, which manufactures and distributes health-shaping supplements, specializing in biohacking and new sciences. The company started with a direct retail program in 2021 but later switched to a multi-level and direct sales program in 2021. The direct selling component of LifeVantage allows members to sell individually as well as through their own corporate stores. In addition to health and fitness supplements, the company offers training, counseling and even consultancy services as part of its multi-level distribution and management model.

what is lifevantage

So, what is LifeVantage? According to the official website, the company was founded on the idea, “Our physical beauty is our biggest advantage over other people.” As such, the company works hard to create products that will help you look and feel your best. To make money, the company sells its own line of nutritional and health supplements, as well as life-shaping devices and equipment for self-confidence and wellness.

As with most MLM companies, LifeVantage works by employing a point system called the Proven Performance System (PPS). Basically, the point system divides distributors into four groups: Master Distributors who earn the most points; Master Distributors who earn fewer points than other distributors; Strength or Target Distributors who must take a specific nutrition or weight loss product; and Active or Event Support Distributors who must attend an activity or exercise event during the week that the company’s main product is sold. Master Distributors and Strength/Target Distributors can earn the most points while everyone else gets a low number. LifeVantage’s Nrf2 synergy dietary supplement, for example, is meant to boost antioxidants and make the body better able to handle oxidative stress, which it claims can contribute to a “latter” you.

The way that this works is simple: after you become a distributor, you send in your application to be considered for the position of Master Distributor. At the same time, you enroll in the company’s Nrf2 Synergy Diet Supplement, which helps to increase the body’s antioxidant capacity. Once a distributor receives on his or her Nrf2 Synergy Diet Supplement, he or she begins to take the supplement about two hours before meals. This ensures that the supplement will be fully absorbed and does not get passed onto another person’s body before it’s absorbed.

In addition to Nrf2 Synergy Diet Supplement, LifeVantage offers several other products meant to help distributors succeed. Its chief products are its “Aqware” series of products, which include four different strength and target packs. In each pack, distributors will receive a pre-measured, high quality nutrition supplement and an audio message that explain how the product works. Each one also comes with its own unique price so that only those who really need it will buy it. The monthly order process is simple and easy.

What is LifeVantage’s Unique Business Model? The distribution process works like this: once distributors buy a month’s supply of Nrf2 supplements from the distributor’s online site, they will pay the site with a monthly order. The site then sends a shipment of the supplements to the distributor’s home. At that time, the distributor chooses the vitamins he or she wants to purchase and chooses a target pack that includes that nutritional content. At that point, all that’s required of the distributor is to make a daily supplement intake, which is then entered into a personal volume scale by the system.

How Does LifeVantage Get Started? The system basically takes a small amount of risk on the part of the distributor because the compensation plan is “fair” in that there are no mandatory commission payments. As such, distributors have more of a sense of security when they join. If they make a mistake by buying too much or too little, they can always order more through the web portal or call LifeVantage Customer Service at a toll free number. Also, the personal volume scale ensures that there is no “drip-feeding” of new distributors who join without building their business as well as having them make money.

Finally, what is LifeVantage is also a great business opportunity for independent distributors to sell their own products as well. By helping people lose weight, gain muscle, improve their health, and more, they are not only making a good profit off of what they are distributing, but they are helping people realize that they can do the same with their own products. Once the system gets going, you can expect it to be one of the top choices for what is lifevantage.

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