What Is Fortress Network? Review of the Myths and Truths About the Network Marketing Company

What is Fortress Network? Is it a legitimate MLM opportunity? What is its affiliate program? These are the questions that Fortress Network founder Chris Freville wanted to answer.

The first question to answer is – Can I make money from YouTube videos? Chris had been making his own YouTube videos for several years, using his own camera and creating videos on topics he was familiar with and good for himself. He believed in himself and knew that if his videos were successful, then he would have a loyal subscriber base and an MLM company. He used this thought to launch Fortress Network.

The second question to answer is – What is Fortress Network? Chris created a website that features information about his business, Howarth Castle which is also his home office and offers a free seven-day trail to help new distributors start their business. He offers a monthly fee to affiliate members who want to become a member of the Howarth Castle MLM Company using his unique affiliate member system. He also offers a free seven-day download of his newest recording, The Howarth Castle Underground DVD.

The third question to answer is – Does Howarth Castle have a plan to make money? Chris had planned to make money online before creating his MLM opportunity, but since he didn’t know how, he decided to create his own website to do some direct sales marketing. This was fine for him, but since he had never made money online, he wasn’t sure if he could achieve the same success with Howarth Castle as he had done with other businesses. Chris needed to find an answer to these questions.

So, here is the question that we wanted to ask: “What is Fortress Network?” Chris explained to us that Howarth Castle was an MLM opportunity that allowed people to be part of an exclusive club and earn commissions off of retail products sold by others in the group. The retail products were designed to appeal to a specific audience and were geared toward certain groups of people. This would include Christian, military, and home-based consumers. The question left us puzzled because we didn’t see any reference to a monthly fee or any mention of an internet store.

So, we went back online to search for answers. What we found was a large section of Chris’s website where he described the basics of the product, his introduction to the program, and a brief description of how he made his first $500. There was also a link to a teleseminar where he discussed how he built his online. In the teleseminar, he mentioned that he didn’t really promote or sell the product himself, but rather let it run through his team as an affiliate. This section of my review, I am going to include his explanation about how many people actually make money with his program.

After leaving the teleseminar, I started searching for information about how much commission Chris earned from selling the product. I was extremely surprised when I found that he earned a full $10 monthly fee to promote the product! I had no idea that this was possible since the beginning of the network was all about recruiting members and building your downline. So, what is fortress network?

If you are thinking about joining the network marketing industry and want to know what is the fortress, then I highly recommend that you look into the contact information for the founder, Bruce Whyte. He is a long time Internet marketer who has built his successful business based upon the best MLM Company website and a downline generation strategy. The best advice I can give you in what is a fortress is to stay away from companies that have not been around for more than five years. A company with a proven product and team of marketers that have a proven system to duplicate their success is the best choice to join.

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