What is Velovita?

What is Velovita? Velovita is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that specializes in health and fitness products which include diet and exercise pills. They were founded by Kosta Gara, PhD and Jeff Mack, CEO and president, respectively.

what is velovita

How do they compensation plan work? Velovita provides a retailer incentive program which rewards their retail partners for promoting their product and providing testimonials. Retailers are paid a commission on all compensation earned from sales of velocity wellness products to individuals. The commission rate is based on the amount of money invested by the retailer plus the net profit made from each sale of Velovita products.

How can I earn commission with velocity? Retailers join the velocity affiliate ranks by signing up for their own account on the velocity website. The account holders then decide how much commission they want to receive for the sales of velocity products. Commission rates are based on several factors including the amount of sales received, commission earned by the Velovita affiliate, the amount of traffic referred, and the number of people who visit the Velovita site. Retailers do not need to open a separate account for every individual customer they wish to refer.

What is Velovita scam? Velovita does not promote a lifestyle but instead preys on unwary people who are looking to make money online. The site contains links to what it claims are multi-level marketing opportunities. The links lead to the sales page for what is called a “packs system”. The key selling objective of this scheme is to sell the product for a commission through what is called a “pack”. This is a fraudulent scheme designed to get the unsuspecting visitor to buy what Velovita falsely claims to be an herbal weight loss supplement while secretly selling it to them at a high profit margin.

What is Velovita compensation plan? Velovita offers two compensation plan options: One is the multi-level program, which has a single product consisting of many different flavors. The other is the nutrition program, which provides you with a nutrition guide to help you create meal plans, recipes, and nutritional info. It is not mandatory to purchase either of these products in order to obtain the commission from Velovita.

What is Velovita a pyramid scheme? A pyramid scheme is when the participants of your business make money by the rewards created by the bigger group at the bottom. In the case of Velovita, the bigger groups are the retail sales representatives who sell Velovita to consumers. At the bottom is the “promoter” who receives the majority of the commission. While we understand that it is important for the individual distributors to be able to make money, this is not an accurate representation of what is Velovita and the way it operates.

You will also find that there is no evidence that the compensation plan or multi-level marketing in general is illegal. According to the law, distributors cannot require potential customers to purchase any product, unless they provide proof that it can help them lose weight. If you read a lot of the information available on what is Velovita, you will find that the claim that Velovita is a scam is completely false, and if you are interested in making an honest dollar, nothing is stopping you from joining.

The internet and the lack of good information are two reasons why so many people are discouraged from starting their own business. If you can find a product that is good, reasonably priced, and has a good system to follow, you can have an amazing amount of success with what is Velovita. However, there are also plenty of examples of pyramid schemes and other scams out there, and it is important to be cautious. With so much information available that can be overwhelming, it may be a good idea to consider a more experienced approach.

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