Why Would Someone Want to Invest in a Successful Opportunity Like Swiss Paradox?

Many people wonder if Swiss Paradox is a good opportunity for an independent consultant to earn residual income. It’s actually not uncommon for an independent consultant to make a full-time salary as well as commission from selling Swiss Direct Investing. Now if you’re not familiar with this product, it is a new system that enables the investing in Swiss Direct Investing through the internet. It works through a brokerage firm in Switzerland which you can set up a free account for free and they will manage your investments for you on an ongoing basis. Here’s how it works and is Swiss Paradox a good opportunity?

is swissjust a good opportunity

First of all, let me explain what makes this company so unique. Unlike most online mlm businesses, Swiss Paradox does not offer a commission compensation plan. They offer an exclusive worldwide network of direct investment specialists who are willing to coach you one-on-one on how to invest in Switzerland. The opportunity is truly global because they personally select members to invest in Switzerland, which is a smaller country than the United States. In addition to offering no commission compensation plan, Swiss Paradox also has a very strong multi-level compensation plan including bonuses and equity programs.

This multi-level compensation plan is the attraction for many independent consultants. But is Swiss Paradox a good opportunity? Most of the distributors that join the system are attracted by the fact that they don’t have to worry about having to deal with inventory, distribution or sales. Instead, all of those responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the various distributors that recruit new members. So is it really a “rich” program?

When it comes to an online opportunity, is Swiss Paradox a good opportunity? I’ll tell you in just a moment but first let me give you my honest opinion. I was really interested in joining this particular program, because I am a very busy person. As an independent consultant, there is very little time in which I can dedicate to building up my team. But is Swiss Paradox a good opportunity?

Let’s look at the compensation plan for a moment. As an independent consultant, it is extremely unlikely that I would be participating in a company where the distributor’s goal is to recruit more affiliates and therefore earn more money. It just doesn’t make sense. So is Swiss Paradox a so-called opportunity for you to earn money without having to spend a dime?

The truth is that most MLM’s opportunities aren’t based on a “you make money” plan. In fact, the vast majority of MLM opportunities simply don’t have anything to do with any type of “make money”. Even when companies do have a product that you can use to make money, chances are, you will not be successful in promoting the product. Most people don’t see this coming and remain confused as to why their “guru” friends continue to tell them that they need to purchase the latest version of something, or join a multi-level marketing company to make money.

Most MLM companies have no real product, so you can count on making a lot of sales to build your business. If you think that you can buy products and market them to make money without help, then you will come up short in the area of building a business. So is Swiss Paradox a good opportunity to invest in?

At this point, it is important to remember that all of us have to make money in order to succeed. You cannot sit back and wait for the money to start flowing in automatically. The best way to do things is to avoid being involved in an opportunity that doesn’t have anything to do with making money, and focus on buying products and services. The more you are involved in helping people solve problems, the more chance you will have of making money. You will not know whether or not you are getting involved in the right opportunity until you are already doing it. This is the beauty of Swiss Paradox; you don’t know if it is a good opportunity until you are involved with it.

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