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I have often been asked, what the key is to being a success as a website owner, and in my personal experience, it comes down to creating content that your target audience is searching for on a daily basis.

To be able to get in front of your target audience, you need to identify what phrases they type in the search engines, and then write content with the intent of that keyword phrase, so that it ranks on the first page of the search engines.

If you work full-time during the day, then it can be challenging coming home at night and writing a 1000 word article.

Luckily, websites like iWriter helps you to not only create content when you’re time poor, but they can also help you to scale your online business, by having writing resources on hand to deliver content for you at a moments notice.

So, I’m going to walk you through the entire content creation process I use with iWriter.

How To Sign Up For iWriter

You go to the sign up page and enter all of your information including your first name, last Name, email address, a username, phone number and password.

Complete the security code and check the “I agree to the writer, client and privacy policy agreement” box, then hit the “Register to Order Content Now” button.

Once you have signed up, simply log on and order your content.

The Content Creation Process

This process consists of 5 different steps before you gain access to your content. These steps are in place to help you to manage the entire writing process, from when you make a request for content, to the review, approval and payment of content.

These steps include the following:

1) Requested

Keeps a track of all of the articles you have submitted for writers to complete.

2) Not Completed

Of the requested articles, which ones are still not picked up by writers.

3) Being written

Which articles are being written.

4) Pending Approval

Once an article has been completed by a writer, then you have the opportunity to review their work.

Obviously, they don’t give you the article to download and review, otherwise you won’t have to pay for it, instead they produce an image of the article for you to read before you approve it.

That way you get to read it through entirely, and their writers get paid for their work.

The content is also put through Copyscape to safe guard against plagiarism, so you can be assured your content is unique, because what’s the point of paying for content that is copied from a different site.

NOTE: It’s important to understand that you will get a variation on quality. Some articles will read better than others depending on the writer, and it’s not unusual for you to have to make some minor adjustments to an article, so something to keep in mind.

I have had instances where the completed article was incoherent, and it would take me too much time to correct myself, so I have rejected the article and given it to someone else to write.

I do feel bad when I have these cases, and yes, I could give it back to them to make some adjustments, but if I have lost confidence in a writer, then it is best to give it to someone else to write.

Just know that these are real people spending time writing articles for you and not machines. And although you’re paying for a service, just be sure to strike the right balance between rejecting an article out right and having to make a few adjustments.

On the whole, the writing is pretty good.

5) Completed

Once an article has been completed by a writer and you have approved payment, the article ends up in the completed area.

How To Order Content

To order content you simply enter in the

Project title :

which I usually title the theme of the content piece.

Load from template :

I go with the default which is “No”.

What would you like :

I always go with Article, but you do have two other options, Rewrite or ebook/Kindle.

And you also have to choose a category in which your article fits. This category defaults to Business, but there are several others including, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate, Home Based Businesses, Writing and Speaking, Computers and Technology, Communications, News and Society, Relationships, Reference and Education, Health and Fitness, Self improvement, Recreation and Sports, others

Language :

I always choose English(US),  but there are other languages to choose from including, English(UK), Spanish, French, German, Other

How many articles would you like :

I always go with the default of 1

Enter Keyword(s) :

I always go with the keyword phrase I want to rank for.

You also get the option of adding another article to the same project one at a time, multiple if you have a list of keywords you want articles written around. I never use them.

Once you’ve completed that, the next phase is to choose the Word Count and Writer Level.

As you can see from the picture below, content is very cheap.

For a 500 word article using a Standard writer you will ONLY have to pay $3.30, which is a very good rate as far as buying content is concerned.

Whilst the default of content is 500 words, you can order a total word count of as low as 150 words and only pay $1.40 or order a word count as high as 6000 words and pay $46.50.

The Writer Level also dictates the cost of content. Writer Level has 4 different levels, Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus. Each Level offers a high quality of work.

So it’s really just a case of finding the most cost effective Level that fits in with the style of your website.

For me, the most cost effective Writer Level to select is Premium.

I find Premium writers are at a writing level that fits in with most of my projects.

Brief Project Instruction(s):

You want to give your writer as much writing direction as you can, to ensure they cover all of the main points. I usually give them a set of sub headings to work with, so that they have some guidance as to what my content should cover.

For example, if I want a review done, then I would give them a template like the following:


-What is Product Name

-Who Uses Product name





This type of guidance seems to work well for the content I am looking for.

Creative Brief

There are more options available to you to help you get the right tone for your content in the Creative Brief section.

I usually select Target Audience and Tone of Writing.

Submit Project To Specific iWriters? (Optional)

Initially, you will want to set this option to “No”, because you won’t have any work done for you, BUT, once you have received work back, especally if you have had multiple pieces of content completed, you then have the option of choosing a specific writer to give work to.

Identifying great writers , just makes life so much easier, because you can usually rely on the content being at a consistent standard.

When I find a good writer then I usually assign them with all of my articles.

Confirm Order:

At this point you can either opt to “Place your order” or to “Place your order and Save as Template”.

Obviously, you don’t want to have to continuously go through the same process over and over again, so if you potentially have similar pieces of content to write then you can save the request as a template to use for future projects.

And that’s about it.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, or experiences to share.

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