13 thoughts on “TotalAV Review: Legit Anti-Virus Software Or Scam?”

  1. Totalav is a scam. I tried a free version, had to give my credit card details. Decided it wasn’t for me so deleted it from my computer. I was checking my bank account and notice a withdraw by totalav of $150.00nz. Bank couldn’t do anything so tried to contact totalav. Never got my money refunded. Totalav should be named total rip off

    • its a total con designed to force you to buy a full version which will probably infect rather than detect any viruses. similar to the telephone calls claiming to be from MICROSOFT calling to “Ahem” fix your PC then directing you to a fake page detecting fake viruses AVOID AT ALL COSTS !!!!!!

  2. I agree. The so-called free version is meant to sucker you in so that you will spend escalating amounts of money. I am following up with both my bank & credit card company. Their “business” practices are at best PREDATORY !

  3. TotalAV is a total scam. Charged my account without my authorization and now refuses to give me a refund even though I have given them all of the information they requested. They insist they do not show my charge even though I have showed them my bank statement. There is nothing free about this company either. They lead the customer to believe they are getting a free version of the software, but it is actual a free trial, then they charge without notice. Not only do they try to suck you in but they illegally keep your credit card information and use it over and over again, hoping the people will not notice the charge. TOTAL SCAM. I don’t know which location in California did this. The customer service reps are: Daniel Larson, Brian Williams, Edward Byers, Gregory Reid, Ferenc Zovanyi, if these are legitimate names. Every time I respond to an email it is from a different customer service rep without showing my previous email indicating that they are all in on the scam. TotalAV has associated vendors around the world that work on commission, so they are less likely to admit a mistake.

    • TotalAV Cancel
      Sun 9/22/2019 9:37 AM

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your call.

      It’s great news you’ve decided to stay with us.

      I can confirm that your account has been amended and your refund $80 has already been issued.

      Your refund will appear in your bank account within the next 48 hours, however, it can take up to 7 working days depending on your bank so don’t worry if it takes a little longer.

      As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Stay safe,

      Don N. Breslin
      Customer Service Representative,

      That was their promise to refund me $80 of the $100 they auto-renewed me for without my consent…I agreed to pay $20 for the year AV protection as thats all I will pay if I cant find a good free one at the time. Needless to say I never got the refund and had my bank fraud dept on em and they couldnt get it back. They simply ROBBED me…its been 8 months and I am STILL FUMING MAD!

    • tried it did not like the results, they tied to get me to buy upgrade i refused to give them my credit card info. and deleted it from my computer

  4. do not download this when you get ready to unistasll it a popup comes up to give you pro for 1.00 but next month they charge you 8.99 so please dont fall for it

  5. Clearly a total scam. I didn’t even know about or ask for it but it’s there3 to thed tune of 19.99 and I only loaded 40 onto the card. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

  6. I was scammed by these @#$%soles
    They took $29.99 and then placed an authority on paypal and deducted another $100
    I don’t remember committing to anything with these mongrels

    • Yep! TotalAV scumbags took $99 from me. I informed them that I did not want the service. I requested a refund of the $99. They did not respond. Given that the $99 was paid through PayPal, I asked PayPal to assist me. PayPal is, apparently, in cahoots with TotalAV and rejected my appeal for help. Disgraceful!

  7. TotalAV is an absolute scam! I cancelled the service and asked for a refund for $99 that I had paid through PayPal. Nothing! I filed a complaint with PayPal. They (PayPal) are co-conspirators with TotalAV! Denied my claim! Absolutely corrupt!

  8. It would appear that I have been snookered by these SCAM artists. But I have yet to give them any credit card info. Either I now have them by the shorts or they will somehow deny me access to my computer. These types should be beaten and hung in public.


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