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The main thing to think about when some is visiting a webpage is to understand their intended reason for their search.

When you understand this, then you can create the right content that matches their intent and the search engines will categorize your content the same way as the other results.

Search engines like Google do a pretty good job at determining what the intention of the searcher is. The more words in the keyword phrase the better the results returned. This is because the more words tend to narrow the search down further.

So once the results have been returned you have to look at the top 5 websites returned to get an impression of what Google thinks the searcher is looking for. Remember Google is bringing back the best matching information that they think the searcher is looking for. Therefore it only stands to reason that based on what they return, you must also return similar information.

Therefore examining the results will help you to see what topics or themes you need to cover. This will help you to determine what you should write about too in order for you to be categorized in the same way.

Google also likes your own opinion on the matter too. It’s one thing to agree with other webmasters, but then by forming your own opinion based on the data you have collected and processed internally, hopefully you can form your own insights from the information and add to the conversion.

You’ll find that there will be differences in the information from one website to the next, and what you need to do is cover as many topics as possible, but staying true to the intended search phrase.

When you understand what they’re looking for, then you can give them the facts of the research you have done.

The keyword phrase they type in to Google when searching, can tell us a lot about their intentions.

When most people search for things they do it with a specific thought in mind.

For people searching for online businesses or ways to make money online, they’re looking to answer two things.

  1. Is this a real opportunity or
  2. Is this a scam and will I get ripped off?

There are obviously other reasons, but the main ones, or the two that we’re interested in are the ones I mentioned above.

So in understanding whether a business is legit or not, the details from the research you do will give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

And that should be your aim – provide provide them with evidence that supports your understanding of the business.

It’s your job to convince them based on your research of why a particular business is worth looking into or NOT looking into.

So how do you do this?

So when people are searching for a product they mostly type in these keyword phrases.

is product name a scam

is product name legit

does product name work

product name review

product name reviews

If you simply type the product name into Google, Google will attempt to complete the search for you.


Google brings back the most searched for keyword phrases relating to the keyword you’ve typed in.

From the information above I see that most people type in digital altitude aspire, digital altitude scam, digital altitude login and digital altitude review.

Were not interested in logging in, so the three that stand out for me is digital altitude aspire, digital altitude scam and digital altitude review.

But lets go a step further and enter the letter “a” after our main keyword.


Now Google gives you the most popular words after the letter “a” and you will notice that they will do the same for each letter of the alphabet.


So what we want to do is to capture all of these keyword phrases so that we can make an informed decision of where to focus our time and attention.

Using it will do all of this for you.

Simply type in your main keyword, which in our case is our product name and then gather all of the keyword phrases.


So once you’ve hit the “suggest” button it will bring back a list of keyword phrases.

From there hit the “View as Text” button.



Copy all of the keywords and then go to the Google Keyword Planner.

The Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword tool from Google. If you haven’t got it, simply type Google Keyword Planner into search and it should be the first result.

I’ll cover what to do after in the following video.

Be sure to play each video in FULL SCREEN at HD 720.

This Video is 2.5 minutes long

Be sure to sort the avg monthly searches column highest to lowest, so that you identify all of the top searched phrases.

So once you have gathered the keywords from Google Keyword Planner, you will have to try and make some sort of sense out of them.

And if your intended visitor is searching Google using these keyword phrases then your research needs to be based on what is currently out there for the keyword phrases.

So you need to go through each one of the keyword phrases to gather up enough information to make an informed decision.

This Video is 20 minutes long

Start getting an impression, and start seeing the business model / potential in the opportunity.


This Video is 13 minutes long

I had already written the text below, before I put the videos together.

I was going to delete it, but it might be of use to you.

Explanations of the headings and what we’re trying to accomplish.

What is product name?

This sets the scene for the review.

You want to give them a sense of what the product is so that they know they hasve landed on the right page. But you also want to tell them that they you’re going to be detailing whether or not the product name is something that they should spend their time and effort on, or whether to simply pass.

If they should pass on it, then tell them that in the beginning but tell them that you will be revealing why they should pass when they read further. And verse visa.

Who’s it for?

They want to get a sense of whether the business opportunity is for them or someone at an advanced level.

What skills are required to do the job successfully.

They want to know if they could be successful at it.

Remember who these people are … most of them have either been told about the opportunity from someone trying to recruit them or have been told about it from a friend or family member.

Why are they doing the search?

They want to find out for themselves what the deal is.

This then gives you the opportunity to convince them to try the business opportunity out or to try out another business.

Either way, they are looking or interested in making money.

So at the end of the day what you’re trying to do is to convince them to go with the business or to try an alternative business that will also help them make money.

And this is where the pros and cons of the business come into it.

What I liked about product name

This is where you start to setup your argument for going with the business.

Each point you make needs to be something that supports the businesses objectives or the main idea behind the business.

Or is it simply to put money in the creators pockets.

So what if the business is a bad business decision?

Then for this section you say something like this. “Whilst I liked the thought of (whatever your point is) I just can see how it actually translates in the real world”. Something to that effect.

With anything you state, you sort of need to back it up with your thoughts on why or evidence that you have gather from somewhere.

What I didn’t like about product name

So this is where you setup your argument to NOT go with the business.

You’re virtually doing the same as above, BUT the opposite.

When searching

Get an understanding of the general consensus of the program from using the above keywords.

So we want to be using the keywords above to gather the information so that we have a good picture of what people are thinking.

We also want to cover the product from many perspectives, which the most searched for keyword phrases.

To do this I would plug the keyword into google and do a search.

I would then open up the top 20 results, go through them one at a time and take notes.

The thoughts from other people blogging about it will help you to “tune” into what people are experiencing with the product.

If everyone is moaning about a certain aspect of the business then that’s something that you can use in your review.  For example, with a lot of the survey websites I review, I find that the main problem people face is that they don’t qualify to take surveys, which is a big pain for them because in order for them to qualify for a survey they have to take another survey which can take 20 minutes.  So they take a 20 minute qualifying survey only to be turned down for the main survey where you make money.

This is fine at first, but if you’re having to complete 3 20 minute pre-qualifying surveys to be rejected from all of them then you’ve spent 1 hour doing nothing – get the picture?

This is the “headspace” that you need to get into with MLM businesses.

No online business is perfect and you could literally weigh the odds in your argument towards an alternative program.

Hopefully this has given you stuff to think about.

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