What Is Iigenius? An Excellent Passive Income Opportunity

What is genius, and how does one go about promoting it? For those who are unfamiliar with Iigenius, it is a compensation plan that allows affiliates to earn money online. It is an amazing concept and in my opinion, one of the best Internet marketing opportunities on the market today. I will offer some information on what is genius and also discuss how you can go about promoting it to maximize your earning potential.

what is igenius

What is Igenius was launched in June of 2021 by Richard Legg, Todd Schlomer and Joseph Cappuccio. What is Igenius is intended to be a simple, all-inclusive and easy-to-use online network of wealth generators. They have succeeded in doing just that, but there are still several questions that surround this company and what it means to potential affiliates. This article seeks to answer those questions so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this company is right for you.

One of the things you may find interesting about what is Igenius, is that it is a “no fast start commissions” business model. Although this is a unique feature, the model is effective because you don’t need to invest any money up-front. All the income you earn is based upon your referrals and your efforts. The company pays you a commission on each sale you generate, and all earnings are passive. The idea behind this passive revenue stream is that once you generate a sale, you pay the affiliate a portion of that sale, which is then added to your commission as profit. The idea is that you aren’t receiving any upfront payments, but instead, are earning a portion of the sales from which you receive a commission.

One of the reasons as to why the commission for what is Iigenius is called “no fast start commissions” comes from how you won’t need to invest anything when you sign up with the program. What that means is that you won’t be risking any money when you sign up with what is Iigenius. This may sound like bad news to some affiliates out there because they are used to seeing their investments used up by paying for advertising and marketing services. What this means is that the company’s marketing and advertising platform itself is free to use and all they require of you is that you provide your own leads and be willing to learn how to market through the company’s tools.

Another reason as to why what is Iigenius has a less stressful work environment for you comes from how the compensation plan rewards you for your efforts. The company compensates you via a monthly membership fee that has a minimum payment requirement. Once you meet the minimum monthly payment requirement, you will automatically begin to receive commissions from every referral you make. What is Iigenius does this in a different way than some of the other affiliate programs out there. Instead of paying a commission based on a sale, you are paid commissions based on the number of people you bring into the company through your direct sales techniques and methods.

The compensation plan itself rewards you for your efforts in a different way that what is typical in the industry. You don’t have to go through the motions of buying traffic or trying to get people to your website to sell something. Instead, what you do is earn commissions from sales you generate through the use of direct sales tools. With what is Iigenius you not only have the option of earning multiple commissions on one sale but you also have the option of receiving additional income each time someone in your downline makes a sale using your personal online tools.

In addition to this the company has an extensive marketing program with what is known as the bonus commissions. Bonus commissions are additional income that you will receive for referring more people to the company than what is required to maintain your membership. For every five hundred members you have the opportunity to earn one bonus commission. These bonuses are not taxable and in some cases do not have to be paid until the full year has been completed. However, the company encourages members to refer more people so as to receive these additional commissions.

The final and most important thing to look at when it comes to what is Iigenius is the investment opportunity. This is the other side of the passive income equation that few people are aware of. While the company has an excellent compensation plan and a simple to use website you are not going to earn money online with this business model alone. While you can make money the passive income will not be very substantial.

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