Why Should You Consider This Book?

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Why Should You Consider This Book?

One of the most influential books in the last half decade has been “The United States of America and International Political Knowledge” by Robert J. M. Kaplan. This bestseller is considered one of the top works on American foreign policy in the history of the United States. Why does it deserve such high esteem? Well, it combines wisdom, pessimism, and a wealth of empirical research to offer something new and powerful in the area of foreign affairs.

The author starts with a simple thesis: “A power which lies dormant in all of us is called persuasion.” That is the first sentence. Then, he continues with some of the greatest examples of persuasion in the history of Western civilization, including the way in which the British used it to get what they wanted and the way that the Chinese used coercion and fear to get what they wanted. He also examines why the use of propaganda has become so pervasive in our modern era. Finally, he describes how persuasion can be a positive thing in a democracy, promoting change and raising awareness of important issues. Along the way, he makes interesting suggestions about how leaders should relate to their followers.

Although Kaplan is a prominent scholar in the areas of politics, business, and international affairs, he brings these ideas to bear in this book, discussing how they might influence the psychology of persuasion in the public mind. These suggestions, based on his experience as an organizer and mediator, make this text a must for anyone concerned with how world leaders influence public opinion. The United States in particular will find much value in reading this text.

After examining the ways in which world leaders persuade other world leaders, Kaplan looks at why they are so persuasive. We already knew that human beings are susceptible to the power of persuasion, but this book emphasizes that it is not only power that makes people persuade. There is also an element of social desirability attached to persuading others.

In fact, when it comes to persuading others, persuasion has nothing to do with logic or reason. In fact, there is something to be said for “the little voice.” It is this intangible force that pushes your agenda forward regardless of what is generally believed by the majority of people. The book explores what it takes to persuade other world leaders. It also examines how the process works and what you can expect from it.

Kaplan starts the book with an explanation of the meaning of persuasion and then examines its characteristics in terms of world leaders. Once he has described the concept of persuasion, he proceeds to examine how it applies to different types of situations and personalities. He shows how it is possible to persuade others and how others respond to your efforts. At the end of the book, he provides a final chapter that examines why some people are more persuasive than others. This chapter will be especially useful to the leadership consultant.

The book is definitely an entertaining read, but does have some relevance to real-world political situations. For example, if you are running for office, you could learn how to use public speaking to influence others to view your way of thinking. That said, the book can also be used as a general guide to the topic. If you have never considered using persuasion – public speech, personal charisma or personality – to influence the decisions of other people, this quick read should give you a few ideas.

It’s easy to read because Kaplan sets out to explain the basics and then walks you through examples and exercises. As he points out at the beginning, it isn’t just how you say something, but how you say it that counts. Using the examples he uses, you can begin to understand the different ways persuasion can take place. The Psychology of Persuasion – Public Speaking, is a quick and easy read that will get you started on your research into this intriguing subject.

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