Gathering Intelligence Using WA Keyword Tool

So now you have at least one niche that you have narrowed down, if not then go here.

The next step is to gather more information on your chosen niche using the WA Keyword Tool.

What we are endeavoring to do here is to gather some ideas that we can use to theme our website.

By using the WA Keyword Tool, it can be helpful in identifying what people are searching for within the niche by observing the related keyword phrases.

NOTE : You don’t have to use the WA Keyword Tool to do this, especially if you already have a good understanding of your niche.

You can however, use the tool to develop your understanding of the niche.

But the best tool to use is your brain.

I use the WA Keyword Tool, because it allows me to clarify and identify content opportunities and direction.

So this is how I go about it.

Locate the WA Keyword Tool.


Or find the WA keyword tool here

Enter your main keyword term into the search box and then hit the blue button “Search For Keywords”

Once the results have been returned look for ideas.

In the example below, I am looking into the “bass singing” or “bass vocals” niche.

So using the WA Keyword Tool, I notice the following.


Using this information I can theme my website out with some bass vocal exercises, bass vocal training, bass vocal range.

I know that bass singers would be interested in learning some exercises that could help them to develop their bass voice, maybe allowing them to sing deeper or maybe louder and project their vocals out more.

Understanding what vocal range you should be in could also be of interest to this group of people. And maybe getting some sort of training, whether it be online or offline.

So with that information, I think I have enough to work with.

So I could start off with :

  • Bass Training
  • Bass Vocal Range
  • Bass Vocal Exercises

Which translates into these content pages :

  • Training
  • Range
  • Exercises

Here’s another example from the previous list I made earlier on.

“Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu”

By the way, how did I figure out what keyword phrase to type in?

I started my search with the keyword phrase “Praying Mantis”, (which is at the top of niches tree list) and then I let the WA Keyword Tool find the appropriate keyword phrase that people type into the search engines.


I know a little bit about Southern Style Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and as such I know that a lot of people would be interested in understanding the forms used in the style.

Forms are basically a set of movements that people practice over and over again, much like the Karate kata. And I know that this is an aspect my visitors would be interested in understanding, so it would be something I would include on my website.

Video’s would go hand in hand with any form of training, so I know I could include this too.

So I could start off like this …

  • Southern Style Praying Mantis Forms
  • Southern Style Praying Mantis Techniques
  • Southern Style Praying Mantis Videos

Which will translate into these content pages :

  • Forms
  • Techniques
  • Videos

Here’s more info on content pages.

Gathering Information From Established Websites

Now that you have an idea of some of the content you could include in your website, it’s also a great idea to do some research on established websites within your niche so that you can gather even more information.

By examining other websites in your niche you’ll quickly realize that some of the questions you have regarding content choice and direction would be answered just by observing what other website owners have done.

You see, they would have had to answer the same questions as you when they first created their website, which means that if you look, you’ll probably find the answer to how they accomplished on it on their websites.

Questions like – what do I put on my navigation menu, or – what sort of content best fits my niche, or are there other content ideas I need to consider, should I have pictures, what kind of pictures, and the list goes on and on.

This entire topic is covered in detail here.

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