The Anatomy Of Content

In this article I am going to show you how to create a post based on a product name.

All of the reviews will need to be thoroughly researched and the word count should be a minimum of 2000 words per article.

The aim should be between 2000 to 3000 words. The longer the better and the more longtail keyword themes included the better. I will be covering what “longtail keyword themes” are, and how to use them, later in this article.

You might be asking, what is a keyword, or what is a longtail keyword, and the answer is, a keyword is a word phrase that people type into the search engines when they are searching for information.

This phrase can be as simple as “Dog training” if you are searching for information on dog training. Or “Dog training German Shepherd” if you are searching for something more specific relating to a specific dog breed.

The more specific you make the search the more narrow and focused the search results are.

So a longtail keyword is usually a longer phrase (say, 4 or more words) phrase that people type in to the search engines.

So just something to keep in mind as you move through this article.

But for now we are going to get started on creating the article title.

How To Create Titles For Posts

To create a good title, the best thing to do is to enter the keyword phrase into Google and analyze the results on the first page of Google.

For example, for the keyword phrase “opinion outpost scam”.

Most of the titles will comprised the top 3 or 4 most searched for keyword phrases. However, you won’t be able to see them from looking at the title, unless you’re familiar with this process, but overtime you will become more and more attuned to what to look for.

Having said that, these terms usually include the product name followed by scam, review, or legit.

For example :

  • opinion outpost scam
  • opinion outpost review
  • opinion outpost legit

So look for commonly used and recurring words.

Most people would choose one keyword only in their article title, but if you combine all three then you increase your chances of ranking for all three. And that is what we are aiming to do, to get as much traffic for all of the related terms as possible.

By simply including the longtail content themes in the article you will be able to rank for a lot more traffic – more on this later.

Now once you have at least three words, then all you need to do is to combine them together so that the post starts ranking for all three keyword terms.

For example, I could create the following title based on the information provided : Is Opinion Outpost A Scam Or Legit? Is it Safe?

That way I rank for all three. Opinion Outpost Scam, Opinion Outpost Legit, and Opinion Outpost Review. NOTE: I don’t have the word Review in title, yet Google ranks me for the word Opinion Outpost Review and this is because the nature of the article is a review, plus I have review in the content.

One last thing, the title needs to be attention grabbing. Most of the titles on the first page are designed that way, so people click on them.

So if you can’t figure out what would grab the attention of a visitor, then simply find one that you like the most and modify it slightly so that it is different from the copied one. Failing that, use Product Name Review – Is it A Scam Or Legit? as that title should cover the main searched for keywords.

How To Create Content

Use the suggested template below to structure your content.

If you write around these content topics/themes then you shouldn’t have any trouble covering most of the top searched for keyword phrases and should easily cover what most people are interested in knowing about the product.

Here are 5 things that make up a quality page or post:

(1) Small Paragraphs. Keep the paragraphs small so that it creates whitespace. It makes it easier for people to read content.
(2) Separate your ideas with HEADING tags (h2 or h3)
(3) Use conversational language. This is an informal, opinion based website. Content needs to be easy to read with a  friendly opinionated tone.
(4) Use a captivating headline – as discussed above.
(5) Use a relevant image within the first fold of the page. Use a free screen capture tool like Jing to crop images or take screenshots from your computer.

Content Template

Use this template as a bare minimum of headings and sub categories to cover in the review. You will naturally add more headings to cover other content themes from using the keyword tool below.

The ultimate aim is to cover as many longtail keyword content themes as possible so that Google ranks us for every term possible. To do this successfully, I use the keyword tool I mention below to identify what these content themes are. I’ll discuss this in more depth as we move through this training, but for now we will cover the content template.

Title : Product Name  Review

What is Product Name

Provide a product overview and introduce what you’ll be covering in the article.

Who is the product for?

Discuss who would use the product. Most of the programs would appeal to two groups of people. Those who use the product for it’s benefits, and those who use the product as a vehicle to make money.

How Do You Make Money With Product Name

Discuss how people make money with the program / product. Some programs will have compensation plans or have an affiliate type payment scheme.

Discuss what these compensation plans are, and how payments are made to people. Some wire a check, some go direct into bank accounts, some through paypal, amazon gift cards, etc.

What I Liked

  • Discuss some of the benefits you can see with the product.
  • What are some advantages using the product.

What I didn’t Like

  • Discuss issues that you have observed with the product. Examine complaints and comments that other people are having with the product.

What Others Are Saying

  • You can start off by introducing some of the key issues and or successes you have found from people who have experienced this product.
  • Take cropped screenshots of some of the comments, to illustrate or back up your claims.


Summarize what you have learnt from the research in the review.

How To Use Longtail Keywords In Content

We want to get as many searched for “longtail keyword” terms in the content as possible, so that we can rank for each term.

To do this, simply enter the PRODUCT NAME into, change the country to United States / English and hit the search icon.

Once the keyword phrases have been returned, copy and paste the results into a text editor and sort the phrases alphabetically.

NOTE : These keyword phrases are phrases that people are typing into the search engines most frequently.

If you sort them alphabetically you will see patterns and content themes from searchers.

For example : Opinion Outpost

Click here for sorted list opinionoutpost-list

So from the list I can see that a lot of people are interested in the following

opinion outpost account frozen
opinion outpost account terminated
opinion outpost froze my account
opinion outpost frozen account 2014
opinion outpost frozen account 2015

So this data is telling me that a lot of people are interested in learning more about frozen accounts. Maybe why they were frozen in the first place, how to unfreeze an account or whether there is more to the story. So do some research on this and figure out if this is a one off thing or whether there is more to the story.

Obviously, this would be a major concern for some people because if they have spent time and effort accumulating points (or whatever the measurement is ) and are not able to redeem them, then all of the effort has been for nothing.

By simply writing about frozen accounts and what some people are experiencing and what you have seen on the internet, should be enough for the search engines to recognize a content theme and then rank you for that theme.

opinion outpost age requirement

People are interested in learning about the age requirements for joining Opinion Outpost.

opinion outpost amazon
opinion outpost amazon gift card
opinion outpost amazon rewards

People are interested in how you get paid.

opinion outpost banned

People may have experienced being banned for no good reason. Do some research on this.

opinion outpost does it work

People want to know how you make money using opinion outpost. This works nicely within our template as that is one of the headings that is already included.

opinion outpost how do you get paid
opinion outpost how does it work
opinion outpost how it works
opinion outpost how many points per dollar
opinion outpost how much
opinion outpost how much can you make
opinion outpost how much money
opinion outpost how much money per survey

People want to know how much you can get paid per survey.

So for the keyword phrase above I would write something like this.

Opinion outpost pays you several different ways, Amazon gift cards, paypal and wire transfer.

The number points that make up a dollar is 10 points to one dollar. So you will have to accrue at least 100 points in order for you to redeem your first payment which is $10.

How much money you make per survey with opinion outpost differs for each survey as this value is dictated by the company who has commissioned the survey.

opinion outpost wont let me join
opinion outpost wont let me log in
opinion outpost wont let me redeem
opinion outpost wont let me sign in
opinion outpost wont let me sign up

This is how you could structure these set of keyword phrases.

I have seen a lot of people complain that they have not been able to sign up with Opinion Outpost. This could be as a result that Opinion Outpost is not being available internationally, so if you live outside the USA you won’t be able to join.

Hopefully, you get the picture.

Using the list of related keyword phrases, allows you to continuously find more and more content topics to write about, cover as many content themes as possible. So you shouldn’t fall short of content ideas and themes to write a 2000 word article.

How To Create Tags

Enter the in main product name in Google and then scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the related terms. Omit the keyword phrases that don’t relate to the main keyword phrases. In this instances it is “opinion world”. It has nothing to do with opinion outpost. All of the other phrases are related and valid.


Copy the valid phrases into a text editor like note pad and separate them with a coma like so.

opinion outpost,opinion outpost review,opinion outpost sign in,opinion outpost uk,how much does opinion outpost pay,opinion outpost app,opinion outpost confirmation email,opinion outpost email

Enter these values into the tag field of your post and hit Add.

All In One SEO Pack

You will see at the bottom of the post the All In One Seo Pack.

Replace the title of your post in the title field.

Enter and attention grabbing description.

Enter the keywords that you use for the tags in the keyword area.


Include at least two pictures in all reviews.


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