Mobile Performance Meter Review: Is It A Legit Opportunity That Makes Money Or Just A Scam?

If you’re looking for ways to earn passive income online, it is now possible to do so with the opportunity that Mobile Performance Meter provides.

It is an app that will pay you for downloading and installing it on your Android-powered mobile device. You will just need to keep the app running in the background to be able to monitor your activity.

Based on what you can do on the app, it is likely that you will earn between $0.05 and $0.50 a day. But is this really a legitimate opportunity that will pay you or a scam?

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The Mobile Performance Meter App is a Legitimate Opportunity

Mobile Performance Meter is a mobile app for Android-powered devices. It is designed to monitor certain activities that you do on your mobile device, as well as certain performances of your device.

You will be paid in points daily for keeping the app running in the background and allowing it to monitor your device. The points you earn can be exchanged for rewards.

Based on what the app promises and on my initial research, I can say that Mobile Performance Meter is a legitimate opportunity.

The company does what it says it does, which is to pay you daily for installing their app on your mobile phone and letting it run on the background to monitor your activity and the device’s performance.

Mobile Performance Meter has also delivered on its promise of giving you rewards in exchange for the points that you have earned.

To begin, you just need to download the app and install it on your mobile device, fill out some information and it will begin to monitor your device.

It is free to register. The app is only made for Android-powered mobile devices and your device would have to pass eligibility checks that the system will conduct to allow you to join the panel.

As for the $0.05 to $0.50 daily earnings, I’ll be verifying it further as we delve deeper into this review of the Mobile Performance Meter app.

Who uses Mobile Performance Meter?

The Mobile Performance Meter app is designed for two groups of people. One of the groups are businesses who are looking to gather more information about people’s activity on their mobile devices.

The other group are people like you who are looking for ways to earn some passive income online. For businesses, Mobile Performance Meter provides an opportunity to get more data of people’s activity on their mobile devices.

The app monitors certain activities that people do on their mobile device, as well as certain performances of the device.

The data collected can help businesses know more about what people do on their devices, how it affects a device’s performance, and so on.

This can help businesses improve the products and services they are offering that caters to mobile devices. For people like you, Mobile Performance Meter provides an opportunity to earn passive income.

You won’t need to do anything, except to just install the app and let it run on the background. It does all of the work for you and you will earn points for it daily.

It is easy and free to join the panel, as you just need to have an Android-powered device that passes the eligibility test of the app.

How Do You Earn with Mobile Performance Meter?

As mentioned above, Mobile Performance Meter pays you to install their app on your Android-powered mobile device and have it run in the background.

There’s no need for you to do anything at all or visit any website or app to earn points. You just need to continue with your activity and let the app do its thing in the background.

The Mobile Performance Meter app will basically track the types of apps you use and how long you use it and not your messages or pictures.

It also monitors the speed of the network you are using, your device’s battery life, the duration of your phone calls, and more.

So you just need to keep the app running after installing it, as it will be the one to do all of the work. Mobile Performance Meter will pay you daily in points for keeping the app running.

As to how much you will be paid is a bit tricky. A lot of members say that the app pays 20 points per day for letting it run in the background. Others, though, say that the app pays them 10 points per day and some even say that they are only getting 5 points a day.

From what I gather, it seems like 10 or 20 points a day seems to be the regular earnings you will get with Mobile Performance Meter.

There are, however, members who started out with 20 points a day and got their earnings reduced to 10 points a day without any reason. There are also those who complained that they are not receiving any more points from the app.

It seems that the company will just disqualify certain devices, based on the requirements that their clients have. This could explain why some users suddenly stop earning points or it is cut in half.

Aside from earning points with the app running in the background, Mobile Performance Meter also has one survey a month that you need to answer to earn points.

The points you earn will vary on the survey, but it seems that the highest you can earn is 100 points, while the lowest is 10 points.

Most surveys you get in a month, though, pay 50 points. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards. The app has gift cards from a variety of brands that you can choose from.

The app has an amount tab to let you see how many points you would need to redeem for a reward. A $1 gift card is worth 150 points and a $5 gift card is worth 500 points.

The highest amount you can get is a $50 gift card worth 5000 points. This somehow shows that 1 point is equivalent to $0.01.

To be part of the panel, you would need to download the app, which is available on the Google Play Store. After downloading and installing the app, you would just need to fill out some information, like your birth year, gender, ethnicity, and so on.

After completing the form, you will be asked to answer the monthly survey. The surveys are likely questions about some of the app’s clients. After completing the survey, you’re given the corresponding points.

What I Liked about Mobile Performance Meter

After learning more about Mobile Performance Meter and knowing how it works, it’s time to discuss what I liked about the opportunity.

  • The first thing I liked about the Mobile Performance Meter is that you can earn without the need to do anything at all. You will just need to install the app on your mobile device and keep it running on the background and you will earn points daily. This app basically allows you to earn passive income.
  • I also like that Mobile Performance Meter has a monthly survey which allows you to earn more points other than letting the app run in the background.
  • It’s also good that the Mobile Performance Meter app is easy and free to register to, making t easier for people like you to join the panel and not worry about paying for anything at all.

What I Disliked about Mobile Performance Meter

Of course, there are also things that I didn’t like about the Mobile Performance Meter app, which I’ll discuss here.

  • Probably the first thing that I didn’t like about the app is that it doesn’t have cash options when it comes to redeeming your points. There’s nothing wrong with earning gift cards, but if you’re like me, I would prefer to still be paid in cash.
  • There are also some concerns when it comes to privacy, as you are giving the app permission to monitor your device as well as your activities. Though the company promises your personal information is protected, there’s still no assurance that it will stay that way or that there isn’t any possibility of your data being used or taken by others.
  • There are also some concerns about how the app could affect the speed of your mobile device, as well as battery life. Though Mobile Performance Meter assures people that installing it won’t affect the performance of your smartphone, there’s still the possibility that it could, especially since it will be running continuously.
  • I also didn’t like that the app is only available on Android devices and not all types of devices are eligible to participate. This limits the number of people who can join the opportunity.

Is the Mobile Performance Meter to be Recommended?

After learning more about Mobile Performance Meter, I’m not yet really sold on the opportunity that the app provides. It seems like a great opportunity but the privacy concern is something I can’t ignore.

Even if the app does promise that your personal information is safe, the fact that it will be monitoring certain activities you do on your mobile device and its performance is a bit concerning.

Other than that though, I would say this is a great app. If you’re not worried about privacy, then you probably give this app a try. You won’t earn much from the app, as you will likely only make $0.05 to $0.50 a day.

But since this is just a passive income and won’t really require any work, that’s okay. The app has also shown that it doesn’t really affect the performance of your device, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to earn passive income, give the Mobile Performance Meter a try.

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5 thoughts on “Mobile Performance Meter Review: Is It A Legit Opportunity That Makes Money Or Just A Scam?”

  1. I earned points and redeemed them for a coupon that I have not recieved. I contacted them and they said they did not see any email from me except for the one about me accusing the app being a scam sonce it has been about 2 weeks and still no coupon

  2. I’ve earned points with the app but it takes forever to make enough to redeem anything good. Another thing must of the time regardless how long a survey takes your only going to get 2 points for it. That’s a waste of time to me if I just spent 10+ minutes answering questions. On a plus side payouts are delivered via email fast.

    • I’ve never gotten less then 150 points for the 1 survey a month; which is the same one every month. I’ve been with 2 different providers and 4 different phones. Only the daily points have changed when making a switch. Also the survey only takes at most 2 minutes.

  3. I’ve used it for a couple years now. I’ve made around $300-$400. My old phone was getting 30 points a day. New phone is getting 5 points which really sucks. Had my moments were it would stop working but I got all the free gift cards. Plus there is a cap of 6000 points for $60. You must spend your points to get more.

  4. I’ve never had any issues with this app, other than the daily points decreasing. I’ve always received my payouts.


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