Outreachr Review: Low Quality Content Software

Outreachr Review

Outreachr Review – Outreachr is a software tool for Internet Marketers to use on their websites to encourage both user engagement, leads and sales. Outreachr uses engaging interactive quzzies, video pop-ups, surveys, polls and more to keep visitors on your site longer. You don’t need to install anything, nor do you have to download anything as everything you need to create these sales magnets are hosted by Outreachr. Outreachr can be shared on many devices and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, instantly. The sales page states that it will help to convert more of your visitors …

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DFY Lead Pages Review: Legit Or Useless Software

DFY Lead Pages Review

DFY Lead Pages Review – DFY Lead Pages is a lead capture software that is designed to capture emails from your visitors to be used for online marketing purposes. This DFY Lead Pages review will highlight some of the pros and cons of the software and whether it’s worth it’s price tag. DFY Lead Pages comes with a number of pre-designed squeeze pages that are designed to capture a visitors email address by providing them with an incentive to do so. This replaces the need for you to create your own landing pages, create your own free give away product …

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Blog Link Magic Review: Worthwhile WordPress Plugin?

Blog Link Magic Review – Blog Link Magic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add affiliate links to words within your content on a site wide basis. In this review I discuss whether Blog Link Magic is worth your money and your time. Using Blog Link Magic means that you can potentially monetize some specific keywords in your content without having to manually edit individual posts and add hyperlinks to that post. Sounds like a reasonable way to monetize your content, however, once you set the links up in the settings menu they will be applied globally – …

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Auto Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam?

Company: Auto Affiliate Program Website: http://autoaffiliateprogram.com/ Founder: Steven Hall Welcome to my 3rd party review of Auto Affiliate Program (AAP)! For the longest time, I have wanted to find a way to make money online why simply purchasing a program. Does that sound too good to be true? It should, because it is. Steven Hall, the owner of AAP is claiming that all you have to do is buy his program for $47 a month and he does the rest. This type of business has been attempted before and will be tried in the future because thousands of people swarm …

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Commission Jailbreak by Travis Stephenson is a Scam: Be Careful

Commission Jailbreak is an older product by Travis Stephenson. Released in 2013 (and not updated since) this product is still making the rounds. It’s a plugin that creates simple niche targeted websites with videos for an extra traffic boost. These videos are also supposed to be shared in the Commission Jailbreak network for bonus traffic and back-links, thus – supposedly – making it easier to rank for keywords on Google. You can also include your affiliate links into the videos for more exposure and affiliate sales. Does it work? You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me …

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