Commission Jailbreak by Travis Stephenson is a Scam: Be Careful

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Commission Jailbreak is an older product by Travis Stephenson. Released in 2013 (and not updated since) this product is still making the rounds. It’s a plugin that creates simple niche targeted websites with videos for an extra traffic boost.

These videos are also supposed to be shared in the Commission Jailbreak network for bonus traffic and back-links, thus – supposedly – making it easier to rank for keywords on Google.

You can also include your affiliate links into the videos for more exposure and affiliate sales.

Does it work?

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Who is Travis Stephenson?

Before we dive into the details of the product, let’s take a look at the creator, Travis Stephenson.

Travis is a internet marketer who is responsible for a few other products such as: 2K a Day, 5K in 15 Days, Simple Cash Code, and EZ Cash Generator.

All of the above products have received mostly negative reviews and they’re published on different affiliate networks, like Clickbank, so other marketers can promote them for a commission.

This is a common trend for internet marketers; create fast products, collect affiliates, and watch as sales increase.

These kind of marketers are rarely truly interested in helping other people create a sustainable online business, they’re only in it for the cash, they’re only interested in how much money they can make from a product.

I don’t think that’s the best way to conduct business, I think it’s much better to create or join a system that truly works.

So it’s clear Travis Stephenson is another internet marketer that launches new “Revolutionary” products every few months.

Commission Jailbreak: Does it Work?

Is it possible to make money with Commission Jailbreak?

First, let’s take a look at how Commission Jailbreak works…

The idea is to make it easy for people to create viral videos that can be used to promote different affiliate products.

Of course, when it comes to the internet marketing industry, viral videos are extremely difficult to create because most people are skeptical (as they should be) about products that promise the world.

These viral videos are created from popular content on other websites.

It essentially finds the most popular articles in various niches and creates a simple video and website based on the popular content.

It’s a little bit like stealing content from other websites, oh wait, it’s exactly like stealing content from other websites.

So once you have this popular content up and running all you have to do is sit back and watch the traffic increase, makes sales, and cash the checks.


Well, it’s not that simple.


How does Commission Jailbreak solve the traffic problem?

They promise to share your websites link in their network of blogs and videos.

They claim the network is kind of like being on the front page of YouTube, a fact I seriously doubt.

This is also supposed to increase the chances of the videos going viral.

P.S. Viral videos are usually funny, emotional, or thought-provoking; and there’s really no way to determine if a video will go viral or not. 

There’s also some training included that teaches people how to promote their websites for free, simple strategies like keyword research, sharing links on social media, and similar strategies.

These websites are supposed to “rank themselves” so all you have to do is sit back.

I wish it was that simple.

See, Google really does not appreciate duplicate content, and it has ways of figuring out who published a piece of content first.

If you publish an article on your website and then someone else copies the exact article and publishes it on his website, Google will rank the other article lower in search engine results, and that someone will receive a penalty for duplicate content.

So, this product makes a promise that it can’t keep; these websites will be really difficult to rank in search engine results.

Yes, I do agree that Google appreciates videos and does rank videos higher in search engine results than text-based content. That’s a fact.

But filling a website up with duplicate content and poorly made videos is not all it takes to rank on the first page of Google for a certain keyword.

What I Didn’t Like:

Besides the points we already discussed, there are a few other aspects of this product that could use improvement.

For instance, the sales page doesn’t let people skip the video, I had to sit through an entire video of ridiculous hype until a “Buy Now” box finally popped up.

Again, lots of hype; anything with too much hype should be avoided, this one has plenty of hype.

I also didn’t like how the software claims to create websites that will rank themselves in Google.

This is a lie.

These websites will not rank well in Google, even if you actively promote them.

Duplicate content does not rank well in Google, and yes you may have seen some evidence to the contrary, but trust me, it won’t last for very long.

So, it’s very difficult to make money with this product, even if you follow everything exactly as laid out, the system won’t provide any results.

You’ll end up with a website that won’t rank.

It’s also a product from 2013 and a lot has changed since then, like, a handful of Google algorithms that clamp down on websites that are created from systems just like this one.

What I Liked:

I did like how the product creates websites with text and videos. If you make your own content (and don’t steal from other websites) then you could create a pretty successful website with videos and articles.

But Commission Jailbreak won’t make that website for you.

Final Word:

Keep your distance.

This is another scam.

I suggest that you avoid this product at all costs.

It’s another attempt to “Trick” Google into sending traffic in your direction and it does not work.

Google’s algorithms are extremely complex nowadays and if there are some loopholes they’ll be fixed almost as soon as their discovered.

Forget about trying to trick Google.

So, if you still want to discover how to build a online business, all you have to do is find a solid internet marketing training center.

I happen to be a member of an excellent course, here’s a review, click the link and check it out. It’s also free for the first 7 days so there is nothing to lose.

Thanks for reading this Commission Jailbreak review. 

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