Fast Wealth Club Product Review: Can You Make Money With It?

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Fast Wealth Club is another binary trading options signal software, it’s supposed to notify members of the best time to buy or sell currencies.

It’s free to join, but it won’t work unless you register with their recommended broker, the broker varies, but last time I checked, it was Option Rally, the same broker that other, similar, systems use.

You’re supposed to be able to sit back and watch the money accumulate in your account, the software does all the work.

Obviously, that sounds a little too simple, and since I have reviewed similar products like this in the past, the description alone is enough to label it as a scam.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and let’s take a look at the facts.

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Who Made Fast Wealth Club?

It was a little difficult to find the real creator of Fast Wealth Club because affiliates (people who recommend the system for a commission) often slap different name tags onto the product, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact person responsible for the system.

The name that is most commonly associated with Fast Wealth Club is Mark Vandenberg.

Google search doesn’t turn up any significant results, besides other reviews for this product, I’m not convinced this is the real creator of the product.

It’s not uncommon for people to use aliases when creating these kind of products, it makes it more difficult for people to sue them for fraud.

It’s much easier to make up a fake name and a fake background then to use your real name, that’s one of the reasons I rarely believe any of the income claims that are plastered onto sales pages these days.

So, I did some more digging and found another name; Paul Liburd.

Paul Liburd is a internet marketer who has created a few other products for the internet marketing niche.

I’m positive Paul Liburd is the real person behind Fast Wealth Club.

Paul is responsible for a few products, like Rapid Home Profits, Fast Wealth Club, Simple Paystreams (no longer online), Forex Accumulator, and The Millionaire Society.

So it’s clear that Paul Liburd loves to launch these supposedly revolutionary products that turn out to be total scams.

All the common scam red flags can be found in all the sales pages of all his products; be careful.

Does Fast Wealth Club Work? Can You Make Money With It?

The thing with binary trading software is that most of the time the odds are not in your favor.

It’s similar to how casinos are rigged to let people win a couple games in the beginning to keep them around.

First time users often see some positive results with the software, enough to make them want to invest as much money as possible, but the luck runs out, and then it’s just a series of losses.

So, in other words, it is possible to make some profit with Fast Wealth Club, but it won’t last, and it’s definitely not a long-term business plan.

It’s very high-risk.

You could lose tens of thousands of dollars in a couple of hours.

You have to be careful with these systems.

If You Do Want to Trade: Here’s What I Recommend…

If you want to give Fast Wealth Club a shot, here’s what I recommend…

First, start with a demo account.

Most people will overlook this option and deposit funds straight into the recommended broker, but demo accounts are almost always available.

What you have to do is get in touch with the broker’s support team and ask them to set you up with a demo account.

You can then use the demo account to test out Fast Wealth Club’s system and see how it works.

You’ll notice that it does not perform as promised.

If you want to test your luck with real cash, then cancel the demo account and deposit real money; but remember, it’s a game of luck.

Personally, I don’t recommend binary trading software, and I don’t recommend Fast Wealth Club.

I think it’s much more beneficial to focus on creating a business based on providing real value to customers.

But, here are some reasons why I don’t like this system…

Why I Don’t Recommend Fast Wealth Club:

Besides the reason I already mentioned, there are a few solid reasons to avoid programs like Fast Wealth Club.

First, any product that needs to rely on unrealistic hype is rarely a legitimate product.

It seems like all these scams use the same type of hype to suck people into their world of non-stop emails and scams.

Once you notice those red-flags it becomes extremely easy to spot scams right off the bat.

Second, the creator has created equally low value products in the past, like The Millionaire Society, a internet marketing training course based on PLR articles and videos.

I understand most people don’t get it right on their first few tries, but at least try to create a product that is somewhat ethical and not based on lies.

So far all of Paul Liburd’s products have been scams.

Third, binary trading is far too risky to be considered a legitimate online business.

Furthermore, if you want to make significant profit you will need to invest a lot of money and that further increases the chances of you losing money; it’s a game of lose some and win some.

Fourth, it’s clear that Paul Liburd is cashing in affiliate checks from his recommended affiliate brokers, the software barely works.

I have to admit Paul Liburd is a smart marketer, he knows how to rack up affiliate sales.

But, it’s pretty unethical.

So those are just a few reasons why I dislike this products and similar binary trading software.

Final Word:

Fast Wealth Club is not the secret to eternal riches, it’s just another bait and switch to make you sign-up to a broker account and send a fat affiliate check to Paul’s doorstep.

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It’s one of the few internet marketing training course that I recommend, there’s a free trial too, all you have to do is check it out and see what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Fast Wealth Club review, leave a comment if you have had experience with this system or other binary trading signal software. 

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