Outreachr Review: Low Quality Content Software

Outreachr Review

Outreachr ReviewOutreachr is a software tool for Internet Marketers to use on their websites to encourage both user engagement, leads and sales.

Outreachr uses engaging interactive quzzies, video pop-ups, surveys, polls and more to keep visitors on your site longer.

You don’t need to install anything, nor do you have to download anything as everything you need to create these sales magnets are hosted by Outreachr.

Outreachr can be shared on many devices and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, instantly.

The sales page states that it will help to convert more of your visitors into sales, but, in my experience, it takes more than just a fancy interactive tool to get conversions right.

Furthermore, you don’t see any of the top Internet Marketers using these kind of tools in their marketing campaigns, and they do just fine – believe me.

And let’s face it, if this was going to work the way they say it does, then, trust me, this kind of software would have been created by these millionaire marketers long ago.

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Outreachr Review : What is Outreachr?

Outreachr is an Interactive Content Management Software product that’s designed to encourage user engagement and (hopefully) leads and sales.

It was created by Med Amine, Simon Warner and Dr Ope Banwo. Med Amine is the software developer behind this software product and has also created other digital marketing products like SocialX, Genius: Smart Digital Marketing, Funnel360.

All three have combined their talents together to bring you Outreachr.

Who uses Outreachr?

The main attraction of this product is as a way to encourage opt ins by having them interact with the Outreachr software. You have control over the content that is presented to the visitor and as such are able to steer them through a series of questions, that ultimately leads them into submitting their email address.

So this software could be used by bloggers, video marketers, social media marketers and more.

While, I can see the application of this software product being useful in some online niches, I can’t see it working in the Internet Marketing or Make Money Online niche, in my opinion.

How Does Outreachr Work?

Once you log into your Outreachr account you will see 8 different categories including Story, Survey, Quiz, Score, Personality Gallery, Video Popups and Templates DFY.

To start your campaign simply click on one of the icons, as shown in the picture below.

Outreachr Create Campaign Quiz

You can insert multiple choice quizzes, polls, and short answer questions into your videos.

Outreachr Review Add Quizzes and Polls To Your Videos

You also get a number of different call to action buttons to choose from.

Outreachr Review Call To Action

Outreachr also includes analytics and statistics that will help you to analyze what marketing campaign is working and what campaign needs more work.

Outreachr review in-depth analytics

You can also create basic images within the software.

It’s not going to be as good as more popular graphic software products, like Photoshop, but if you don’t own these products anyway, it could prove useful to use in your marketing campaigns.

This feature is only available in the Pro Commercial version.

Outreachr Review Create HQ Graphics

They have an option to search for images by niche category and also by using a keyword phrase.

This could be a useful tool if you are creating new marketing campaigns or for videos and blog posts.

However, this feature is only available in the Pro Commercial version.

Outreachr Review Create Tons Of Images

It’s also nice to know that you can integrate your Outreachr campaigns with your favorite email autoresponder service.

Outreachr uses some of the more well known autoresponder services out there like Getrepsonse, Aweber and MailChimp, but they also have integrated some of the less known autoresponders, like Sendlane and Market Hero.

Outreachr Review Email Marketing

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Outreachr comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, however, it is important to understand that the guarantee is only based on technical issues that they fail to resolve – other than that, all sales are final.

So, that basically means that, if you notify them of a technical issue and they fail to fix it, you can ask for your money back, otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Coming from a programing background, they would have ironed out all the major issues with the software before releasing it, and all other issues, should be pretty easy to deal with, which means that the 30 money back guarantee is simply a marketing tactic to give you some reassurance with your purchase.

Outreachr Access

There are two different levels of access to Outreachr, one giving you more access than the other.

Standard version – $37

Gives you access to creating, 100 Stories, 100 Score Quizzes, 100 Personality Quizzes, 100 Video Pop-Ups, 100 Surveys, 100 Polls, 3 Autoresponders integration, Full Analytics, Full User Training included, Premium Support.

It doesn’t give you access to the Graphics Editor (where you can create images) or the Image Finder (where you can search for images to use). Most of your campaigns would use an image of some sort, so it’s important to have these two features.

I’m not sure if you’re going to exhaust all of the available resources, as 100 of anything is going to be difficult to manage, but for an extra $10 you might as well get the Pro Commercial version.

The Pro Commercial – $47

This version of the software gives you unlimited access to all of the features in Outreachr including the following:-Unlimited Stories, Unlimited Score Quizzes, Unlimited Personality Quizzes, Unlimited Video Pop-Ups, Unlimited Surveys, Unlimited Polls, 7 Autoresponders integration, Full Analytics, Graphics Editor, Image Finder, Full User Training included, VIP Premium Support

You do get the Graphics Editor and Image Finder in this version.

What Does a Outreachr Marketing Campaign Look Like?

To get a brief understanding of what a Outreachr marketing campaign might look like, Outreachr shows a number of gif pictures on their sales page that, in my opinion look a little lame.

But, that’s just me. You be the judge.

What I Like about Outreachr

  • Having worked as a software engineer in a commercial bank I can tell you that they use integrated content to keep people on their website, so this concept is useful if used in the right context. Therefore, before purchasing this software, it’s important to understand if it is the right application for your business.
  • It’s pretty cheap to buy this software compared to other products in the market place.
  • It has been created by a software developer who has online marketing experience, so he has some appreciation for what is involved in a marketing campaign.

What I Don’t Like about Outreachr

  • I don’t like the fact that the standard version omits the two main features that helps to create your marketing campaigns namely the Graphic Editor and Image Finder. It smells like a marketing salesy┬átactic to get you buying the Pro Commercial version.
  • The samples that they show on their sales page don’t look professional to me and I wouldn’t have something like this on my websites.

Do I Recommend Outreachr?

Personally, I wouldn’t use this software product at all in any of my marketing endeavors.

Whilst, it might sound like a good way to keep visitors interacting with your website, it really depends on your audience and whether they would likely interact with the software.

Each audience is different, and what fits one audience, may not work on another, in fact it could do the complete opposite and have people leaving your website if used incorrectly.

However, while the software is new and there isn’t a lot of “real” data out there at the moment to offer more clarity to the usefulness of this software, I am going to reserve further judgement until I see some solid proof that this software does what it claims.

As always, I would love to hear from you both good or bad, of your experience with Outreachr. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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