Affiliate Bots Review: Legit Software Or Scam?

Welcome to my Affiliate Bots Review.

When it comes to making money online, there are a lot of different opportunities to be found. There are hundreds or even thousands of websites out there, all offering various ways for you to earn money online.

Probably one of the best ways to make money online is through the affiliate marketing business model. In this model, you’re given your own unique affiliate link that you can direct people to when you promote a product.

You get to earn a commission every time a person buys the product through your affiliate link. Most of the people who have made huge money online credit affiliate marketing as the source of their income.

As simple as this all sounds, making money from affiliate marketing is not easy, especially if you’re someone who’s new to making money online.

This is why there are a lot of opportunities out there in relation to programs, training courses, or software that are related to affiliate marketing.

Since there are a lot of people wanting to learn how to be successful in this business model, there is a big demand for these types of products.

One such product is Affiliate Bots, which is a software that is designed to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Created by well-known internet marketer Chris X, this software provides you with several tools that you will need to increase your chances of becoming successful in affiliate marketing.

But is Affiliate Bots really a legitimate software or is it just another scam that you should avoid?

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Affiliate Bots is A Legitimate Software to Help You Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Bots is an automated software that is designed to help people with their affiliate marketing business.

It was launched in November 2018 by Chris X, a well-known internet marketer who started his career in the internet marketing industry in 2006. A second version of the software was launched in February 2019.

Though his real identity is kept a secret, he is a genuine internet marketer that many online marketers and gurus know about. So you know he is legit.

This also means that the software he offers is also legit, and it can really help you with your affiliate marketing business.

It provides a lot of valuable tools and programs that you can use to help you achieve success.

Though this software is legit, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues with it. One of the common issues with this opportunity is that it is not beginner friendly.

There are also issues with Affiliate Bots focus on promoting popular online products and also that the done-for-you or automated methods are not always good.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of this automated software.

Who Uses Affiliate Bots?

The Affiliate Bots software is designed for people who are looking for ways to help them succeed in their online affiliate marketing business.

The software provides several tools and programs that you can use to help increase your chances of succeeding.

The beauty of Affiliate Bots is that it also comes with training programs that its creator, Chris X, says are beneficial to everyone, regardless if you’re a newbie or not.

Of course, this software is not available for free, but its price is very affordable, so you won’t need to break the bank to get access to this software.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail how Affiliate Bots work and how much it costs.

How Does Affiliate Bots Work?

The Affiliate Bots software was launched in November 2018 and then Chris X launched an improved version in February 2019, called the Affiliate Bots 2.0.

This new software provides you with more than 17 automated software or software bots that can help you with your affiliate marketing business.

The bots are divided into two, with 9 bots as the main programs and the other 7 as support programs. The main bots are designed to help you find the top affiliate online products that you can promote and make money from.

One of the bots is the HostingAffiliate Bot, which shows the top affiliate programs that provide website hosting. There’s also the ChristmasAffiliate Bot, which identifies popular items during the holiday season.

Another bot is the Warrior250, which identifies the top 250 affiliate programs from WarriorPlus that you can promote.

Affiliate Bots also has the CB 250, which shows the top ClickBank affiliate programs that make 7 figures in sales in a month.

There’s also the King of the Zoo bot, which shows the top grossing products in the digital marketplace JVZoo. If you look for Amazon affiliate programs, then the King of the Zon bot is there. It identifies the top 200 Amazon affiliate products and provides regular updates.

If you’re after new products to promote, then the Launch Pulse bot can help as it gets you inside knowledge about product launches, including its ratings and popularity.

The last two bots are the IMAffiliate Bot, where you see the highest converting affiliate product promotions, and the Auto Affiliate Ads, where you can locate and create banner ads for ClickBank affiliate programs.

The other 7 bots are the support bots that you will need to help promote the affiliate programs that you identified using the 9 bots mentioned above.

One of the support bots is the 1 Click Affiliate, where you can generate a sales letter that you can use for your promotion.

There’s also the 1 Click Video Pages, where the bot will create the video/sales landing pages that you’ll need for the product you are promoting. In relation to this bot, you also get the Rapid Video Ranker. This is a tool that can help you create sales videos with text slides that have a high conversion rate.

Affiliate Bots also has the Resell Database Software. This is a tool that can help compile a list of the top sites that offers affiliate marketers products for reselling.

You also get the AutoMail Software, which is a broadcasting software that will help you in building an email list.

The last two support bots are the Domainaveli, where you can generate alternative keywords for the website’s URL, and the Flip DB, which gets 360 websites that earn up to $26,000 a month from Flippa.

Aside from the 17 automated software, you also get 3 bonus systems, a 100-page PDF training on how to make profits, and a 37-page guide on how you can get started with this software.

The software also gives you access to Chris’ secrets on getting traffic, a training video on how to use each software, and future upgrades.

So, how much does Affiliate Bots cost? Chris X only charges a one-time fee of $17 for access to his software. So far, there is no upselling once you are inside.

This is an affordable product, but what are people saying about it? Is it really helpful or are there issues with it?

What Are People Saying about Affiliate Bots?

The majority of the reviews about Affiliate Bots say that it is a great program that can really help you with your affiliate marketing business.

However, there are some issues with it and chief among them is the fact that this software is really not for newbies.

Despite Chris X saying the software can be beneficial even to newbies, the fact is that it can be very overwhelming for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing.

Without the basic knowledge about the business model and the actual experience of using it and seeing how it works first-hand, this software will be difficult to grasp and apply correctly.

Another issue with Affiliate Bots is that the software focuses too much on promoting only the popular affiliate products.

Though this makes it easier to promote and sell them, the most popular or even best-selling products on sites like ClickBank are not always the best products out there.

A lot of times, these so-called popular or best-selling products turn out to be crappy. The marketers are just good at promoting these crappy products, thus resulting in them being considered as popular or best-selling.

The reason this is an issue is that as an affiliate marketer, it’s important that you are only promoting good quality products.

This is because your reputation is at stake. If you promote crappy products, people won’t like what you have to offer and they will avoid you.

So, it’s important that you double check the product the software is recommending and see if it is really a good quality product. You don’t want to unknowingly promote a crappy product.

The last issue with this opportunity is that there is too much automation. Now, there’s nothing wrong with automating some aspects of a business.

But there are also some aspects that should not be automated, particularly in the way your affiliate product is marketed.

If you use all of the automated bots that Affiliate Bots has when it comes to marketing the affiliate products, then you’ll have the same message as others who also use this software.

This is one of the problems with done-for-you software. Your message is similar to thousands of other affiliates who are also using this done-for-you software.

So it’s better if you personalize the messages of your promotion in order to make it unique and it will really capture your essence and not just sound like a copy.

What I Like about Affiliate Bots

Now that we know what Affiliate Bots are and what it is offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Affiliate Bots is that it is software that is created by a known internet marketing person. Though his real identity is kept a secret, the alias Chris X is known around the internet marketing industry. He knows what he is talking about and his experience in internet marketing can really help you with your affiliate marketing business.
  • I also like that Affiliate Bots is very affordable. You only need to pay $17 for this software, which won’t break the bank. Furthermore, this is only a one-time payment, so you don’t have to worry about recurring payments or fees. Plus, the software doesn’t have any upsells so far, so you don’t have to worry about those annoying promotions when you get inside.

What I Dislike about Affiliate Bots

Of course, not everything about Affiliate Bots is good and dandy, as there are also things about this software that I don’t like.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about Affiliate Bots is that this software is not really newbie friendly. If you are new to affiliate marketing, the information and details that this software provides can be a bit overwhelming. It’s best that you start with the basics first before trying to use this software for your affiliate marketing business.
  • Another issue with Affiliate Bots is that the affiliate products or programs that it recommends focus only on the popular or best-selling ones. The problem is that not all popular or best-selling products are good quality products. A lot of times these are just crappy products but the marketers are just good at marketing them, which is why they end up becoming popular. It’s important that you still scrutinize the recommended products to see if they really are good quality products that are worth promoting or not.

Do I Recommend Affiliate Bots?

After learning more about Affiliate Bots and what it can really bring to the table, I would say that this is a software that is not really recommended for newbie affiliate marketers.

The reason for this is that the details and information that this software offers can be confusing and overwhelming to newbies.

The automation of a lot of things can also pose a problem for beginners since they won’t be able to really learn how to do it themselves and rely only on the done-for-you system.

If you are a beginner, it’s best that you learn and experience the basics of affiliate marketing first before you even try to learn and apply what this software is offering.

If you’re already experienced, then this product could likely help you with your existing affiliate marketing business and increase your chances of success so it could be worth a try.

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