Rapid Mass Profits System Review – Is The Software Legit Or A Scam?

You know it never cearapid mass profits scam reviewses to amaze me just how crappy some of these new age “make money online” programs can be.

They tell you that you can make money with their automated system – pah leeeeese.

Turns out it’s nothing more than WordPress (which is free btw) with an autoresponder. If you want a system that is able to do this then, go peep how I do it here for free.

Simon Perry also mentions the RMP Software which is supposedly “done for you content“, but from what I understand, this is little more than a content scraper (which if you use) will get your ass penalized in Google faster than you can say “can I have a refund“.

He also mentions the Autotraffic Multipler System that will help to drive more traffic to your website – but someone should have told him how to use it because according to Alexa.com his website could do with a little more traffic.

I also noted that if you type in his domain name without the extension (.com) it doesn’t appear on the firstpage of Google which is a red flag if you know anything about SEO.

What’s this thing gonna cost me?

It’s $1 trial to gain access to the system, but it looks like they use this method to weed out the buyers from the tyre kickers.

Pschologically it also primes you up to spend more money with them, because you have already made a small financial commitment.

Did someone say upsell? Apparently, this is where they start to make the real money.

However, if you watch the video you’ll see that they don’t give you all the information anyway – even after you’ve paid for it!

Say Whaaaaat?

They say that they like to “drip feed” the information to help facilitate learning, which is code for let’s just give them enough information to keep them paying another $77 bucks next month.

Surely if you pay for something you should get access to everything – right?

Anyway …

All I have to say about this product is – save your money.

If you want a legit way of making money online, then come join me here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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5 thoughts on “Rapid Mass Profits System Review – Is The Software Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. I only want to thank you for the review of Rapid Mass Profit. Thank for making me not to spend my money on a worthless venture. All the gurus just waist your time, reading long essays with the same sad story of how they had failed and suddenly, they got lucky. Same nonsense.

  2. You Have Helped Me Save My Hard Earn Income In The Bank, I was Almost Paying For the $1 Trail Before i Found Your Review, Thanks Once more For Saving My Earning; Cheers!


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