Prime Time Profits Review: Legit Or A Scam?

There are many people out there looking for ways to earn extra money to help supplement their main source of income.

There are various reasons, but the majority do this because their main income is not enough to cover all their expenses.

Fortunately, the internet provides a good source of money-making opportunities. There are thousands of websites and companies out there that offer various opportunities to make money.

You can answer surveys, do freelance work, test websites, and much more. Some of these opportunities don’t directly provide you with income opportunities, but will provide you with information about making money online.

Of course, it is also important to remember that not all opportunities you see on the internet are equal. Some of them are good and legit opportunities that can really make you money.

But there are also a lot of them that are legit but a complete waste of your time and effort or a total scam that is only interested in your information and/or your money.

To make it easier for you to decide, we review these money-making opportunities and recommend the ones that are worth checking out.

In this review, we’ll look at a site called Prime Time Profits. It’s a site that claims to provide an opportunity for you to make $500 a day without the need to spend any money at all.

They claim to have a system that can help provide this kind of money on a daily basis without the need to do anything.  But is this claim legit? Is Prime Time Profits really a legitimate opportunity or is it just a scam that you should avoid?

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Prime Time Profits Is Just One Big Scam

Prime Time Profits claims to have a “weird trick” that can magically earn you $500 a day without the need to do anything or spend anything.

The system is created by a guy who calls himself Charles McAllister. He claims that the money you earn comes from Amazon.

Though this sounds enticing and all, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Prime Time Profits is actually just a big-time scam and there are a lot of red flags about this opportunity that proves this.

One of the red flags is the fact that the system is not actually free as there’s a one-time payment that you need to shoulder to get access to it.

Another is that they hired actors to provide fake video testimonies about the income potential of this system. Prime Time Profits also lies about certain things and they have overhyped income claims.

Plus, this site is not new. This is just a rebranding of other scam sites that uses similar tactics and methods. I’ll discuss these red flags in more detail as we progress further in this review.

Who Uses Prime Time Profits?

Prime Time Profits is designed for people who are looking for opportunities on the internet to help them make money to supplement their main source of income or even to totally replace it.

The site claims to have a system that can help you earn $500 a day without costing you anything, through the online retail giant Amazon.

Unfortunately, this claim is not real as you won’t be able to earn anything from Prime Time Profits. The site is just one big scam that is only after your information and hard-earned money.

Yes, your money as well, as the system they claim to be free is not free at all. You’ll be required to pay a one-time fee to gain access to it. You’ll also be bombarded with tons of upsells once you have access.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail the different reasons why Prime Time Profits is just one big scam that you should avoid.

Why is Prime Time Profits A Scam?

Prime Time Profits claims to have a “weird trick” that can provide you $500 a day in profits. The developer, Charles McAllister, says he has a stealth system that can open a backdoor on Amazon’s website.

He said his system could allow you to get a small slice of the profit pie that Amazon earns to allow you to make a lot of money on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, all of these claims are not true as the site won’t give you an opportunity to make any money at all.

As mentioned above, the site has several red flags that show they are really just a scam site and not a money-making one. For one, they claim that you won’t have to spend anything in order to earn that $500 a day profit.

This is already a complete lie since you’ll have to pay at least $47 to gain access to the said system. It can even get expensive if you believe all of the other hype they say about the system and purchase the upsells.

So don’t think for a minute that this is available for free because it’s not. Another red flag about Prime Time Profits is that the site makes use of hired actors.

All of their testimonials and videos from supposed members are all fake and fabricated. The developers hired actors from Fiverr to create a video about the supposed income they earned.

And the testimonial with the family photo is also fake since the photo is purchased from Shutterstock. The reason that they fake these is that they don’t have any people who made money with the system.

This brings us to the other red flag, which is the fact that Prime Time Profits is a rename and rebrand of a previous program.

It has already used a lot of different names, but it seems its original name was Money Sucking Websites or the MWS System.

This system basically focuses on affiliate marketing and offers very basic training on it. So, you won’t learn a lot about affiliate marketing here, let alone making money from it.

Speaking of money, the last red flag is the outrageous earning potential that this site claims. They say you can make $500 a day with this system.

That translates to $15,000 in 30 days and $178,000 in 1 year. This is more than most jobs pay. Heck, this is even more than the earning potential of a lot of legit money-making opportunities out there.

If you are familiar with making money online, or with any kind of money-making opportunities, you know that this kind of earning is not achievable overnight.

You’ll have you work hard for it, spend a lot of time on it, and just dedicate yourself into building the business or following the program to achieve success.

There’s really no legit opportunity out there that can provide you a magic button or system that can instantly earn you hundreds of dollars in a day.

To achieve that, you really have to work for it. Prime Time Profits is just one of those get-rich-quick schemes that only prey on people’s desperation and the urgent need for money.

That’s why they make these outrageous claims, to entice desperate people to the system they have as the solution to all their money problems.

What I Like about Prime Time Profits

Now that we know what Prime Time Profits is and what it can offer, it’s time to talk about what I like about this opportunity.

  • There’s really nothing to like about Prime Time Profits since this opportunity is just one big scam that is out to steal your information and money. You won’t get anything from it, save a thinner wallet and more scam opportunities being sent to your email address or mobile number.

What I Dislike about Prime Time Profits

When it comes to things I don’t like, there are a lot of them. But I’ll focus more on the important things that you need to be aware of.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about Prime Time Profits is that it is a scam opportunity. This opportunity won’t provide a way for you to make $500 a day. You won’t even make $1 a day with the system the site is boasting about. This is because there is no one-button system in order to earn this kind of money. The money-making opportunity that this site really offers is related to affiliate marketing and has nothing to do with a work-from opportunity that Amazon will provide. The system just provides basic training about affiliate marketing then it’s up to you to figure out the rest. Talk about a scam.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about Prime Time Profits is that it is not free. It’s bad enough that they are already scamming you for your information, but it’s even worse when they charge you money for it. Not only will you have scammers gain access to your information, but you also lose money in the process. So don’t believe whatever this opportunity tells you. You’ll just be losing your hard-earned money.
  • It is also a concern that Prime Time Profits already existed before using a different name. This means that scammers are not satisfied with the thousands of people they have already scammed, they want to scam more by changing its name and branding so you will think it’s a different opportunity.

Do I Recommend Prime Time Profits?

After learning more about Prime Time Profits and what it can really bring to the table, I can say that this is an opportunity that you should stay well away from.

This opportunity is really just one big scam that is only after your information and money. Don’t believe anything that you’ll hear from this site and its sales video.

Everything they post or say are all lies and are only part of the scammers overall goal of luring people in to purchase the crap product that they are selling.

So if you come across this opportunity, just stay well clear of it. Don’t even think about trying it because you’ll just waste your money.

Even if a money-back guarantee is offered, they won’t refund it. These are scammers, they’ll do anything to make you believe they are legit so you can give them your money.

Just stay away from Prime Time Profits. There are a lot of better and legitimate money-making opportunities out there that can help you make money, whether it is online or offline.

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