Second Income Center Review: Legit Or Scam To Avoid?

There are a lot of different opportunities on the internet when it comes to making money online. Thousands of websites and companies are providing different ways for you to earn money.

You can make money answering surveys, clicking ads, testing apps and websites, watching videos, doing freelance work, and many more.

Of course, it’s important to remember that not all money-making opportunities available on the internet are legitimate.

There are also a lot of scams out there that are only after your hard-earned money or your personal information that they can sell to companies or individuals willing to buy it.

To help you avoid these scams we review these money-making opportunities and recommend whether it is worthwhile to spend your time, effort, or money on them or not.

For this review, we’ll look at a website called Second Income Center. It’s a site that promises to train and mentor you on how to work-from-home.

They claim that you can possibly make $500 to $1,500 a day using their cheat sheet. But is this claim of Second Income Center really legit or is it just a scam to try and lure people into giving up their personal information?

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Second Income Center is a Big Scam That You Should Avoid

Second Income Center is a website that claims to provide an opportunity to make money online. They say they will provide training and mentoring to help you make money working from the comfort of your own home.

They also have a cheat sheet that will provide you with opportunities to make $500 to $1,500 a day.

Unfortunately, all of the claims that this site makes are lies as they don’t provide you with anything of value.

A lot of the things they say and claim are just lies, to hype up their site and attract people who are desperately looking for opportunities to make good money.

There are actually a lot of issues with the site that clearly identifies it as a scam. One of them is the use of fake testimonials and the other is not providing what they promised in their ads and promotions.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as well as provide more examples that proves Second Income Center a scam.

Who Uses Second Income Center?

The Second Income Center is supposedly designed for people who are looking for opportunities to make money online.

The site claims to provide you with training on how you can earn money working from the comforts of your own home.

They also provide a supposed cheat sheet where you can find a list of available opportunities that can help you make $500 to $1,500 a day working online.

Unfortunately, all of the things they promise are just a big lie to try and get people to register. They won’t train you or provide you with actual opportunities to make $500 to $1,500 a day.

They are using lying tactics to entice you to sign up and provide your personal information, which is what they are really after.

Second Income Center is not made for people looking to make money, it’s made for the greedy owners who are looking to scam people to provide their name and email so they can make money from the information collected.

In the next section, I’ll provide more details on why Second Income Center is a scam that you need to avoid.

Why Second Income Center is A Scam?

Second Income Center promises to provide people with an opportunity to make money online. They claim that signing up with them will get you access to training and a cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet will supposedly provide you with a list of opportunities that can help you make $500 to $1,500 a day working from home.

But as mentioned above, Second Income Center is just a big scam that is selling you lies to try and lure you into giving your name and email address which they will just sell to companies or individuals.

The site has a lot of red flags, which usually appear on opportunities that are scams that are only after people’s money or information.

One of the red flags about Second Income Center is that once you get inside, you won’t actually get access to any forms of training videos or materials.

You will get two websites after giving your email, one is the work at home opportunities that the site promotes. It’s basically just a list of other money-making opportunities.

Unfortunately, almost all of the sites they are promoting are just scams or not worthy of even trying out. The other site is, which is another sales page for a money-making system.

The page will again be asking for your email and it will even have a fake countdown timer to provide a sense of urgency. Providing your email again will land you on a bogus news claims about an opportunity called Prime Time Profit.

Clicking the page will redirect you again, this time to the sales page of Prime Time Profits, which is a program that will require you to pay $47 to gain access to.

It’s basically a quick get rich program that doesn’t provide any value. Talk about getting redirected several times. But that’s just one red flag with Second Income Center.

Another red flag is the site’s use of fake testimonials. There is a pop-up that will always appear asking you not to leave and listen to the story of a certain Melissa Johnson who made a lot of money.

The problem is that this Melissa Johnson is just a fake. If you search for the photo, you can see that it is just a stock photo.

This shows that they don’t really have a testimonial from a real person, because no real person has ever likely made money with them.

Another red flag is that the site doesn’t even have any information about the owner. I believe this is one important detail that needs to be provided so you can at least verify if the owner is trustworthy or not.

It’s also bad that Second Income Center tries to make themselves more credible by saying they are featured in some well-known media outlets.

This is just another tactic to try and make themselves look credible by name dropping famous media outlets. In reality, these media outlets probably don’t even know about them.

If they were to be featured, it’s because they are a scam that people should avoid.

What I Like about Second Income Center

Now that we know what Second Income Center is and what it offers, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • Well, there really is nothing to like about Second Income Center. The site is one big scam that is after your personal details like name and email address. Anything they try to offer or promote are  lies to try and lure you in, so there’s nothing good that you can find on this website.

What I Dislike about Second Income Center

When it comes to things I dislike, there are actually a lot of them. But I’ll only focus on the important ones that you need to know.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about Second Income Center is that the site is just a big scam. Everything the site promises are lies, so you won’t get anything from it. But that’s not all. Not only will you not get anything of value, you’ll also put your personal information in jeopardy. The site is only after your name and email so they can likely sell it or send you spammy messages, which can be very annoying.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about Second Income Center is how they use hype up tactics to make people give their names and email. The tactics they use to prey on hard working people who are just trying to find another source of income to help cover whatever costs they may have. This is a horrible thing because these scammers are taking advantage of people.
  • I’m also not a fan of Second Income Center forcing people to be redirected to a various sales page that requires their email address. This is annoying as you are forced to give up your email a couple of times in hopes of getting a program that can help you make money online. This will only end in disappointment since the program is not free and if you do pay for it, you’ll realize that it was a big mistake because it won’t give you anything of value.

Is Second Income Center to be Recommended?

After learning more about Second Income Center, I can say that this is an opportunity that I don’t recommend to anyone at all.

In fact, I recommend that you stay as far away as possible from this scam site since it’s only after your name and email.

Second Income Center is just one big scam since they don’t provide any of the things they promised.

There’s no training videos or articles to speak of so don’t expect to get any mentoring from them.

Then, the cheat sheet they promote turns out to be just a list of money-making opportunities they want you to join.

And a lot of these opportunities are scams or not really worth your time and effort. So there’s no reason why I would recommend Second Income Center.

In fact, if you happen to find yourself on their sales page, close the website immediately. There’s nothing worthy to see there.

There are a lot of better opportunities out there that are not only legit but also provides a good opportunity for you to make money online. So go check them out and make sure you avoid Second Income Center at all costs.

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