Internet Jetset Review: Does It Still Work?

There are a lot of different opportunities available on the internet when it comes to making money online. There’s answering surveys, completing various tasks, watching videos, doing freelance work, and many more.

Now, a lot of these opportunities are what you call active income, where it requires that you spend time and effort in order to make money.

The internet also offers opportunities to earn passive income, but these are harder to do and requires certain knowledge and skill sets.

This kind of opportunity usually involves building a website, creating engaging and compelling content, and marketing them to drive traffic.

Though not everyone can do this, there are actually a lot of training courses available online that will teach you how to do this and also teach you how to make money from it.

One such training course is the Super Affiliate System Internet Jetset. It’s an affiliate marketing course that offers a step-by-step process on how you can build a profitable online business.

The course doesn’t provide a figure on how much you can possibly make after completing the course. This is likely because the amount of money you can earn will depend greatly on your effort, hard work, and determination.

But is the Internet Jetset Super Affiliate System really a legit opportunity to make money from or is it just a scam that you need to avoid?

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Internet Jetset is a Legit Course that Teaches You How to Make Money Online

The Super Affiliate System Internet Jetset is an affiliate marketing course that provides a step-by-step guide on how to build an online business.

The course was created by John Crestani, a well-known internet marketer. It is said that he now earns $500,000 a month from the internet.

Internet Jetset is just one of the training courses that he offers, as John also has other training courses available.

John has rebranded his course, though, as it is now called the Super Affiliate System 2.0. It still offers a lot of the previous training course, but with some added bonuses.

From the looks of it, this new training course still seems like a legitimate opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing and how to make money from it.

The training course still teaches a lot of the basics that the first program was teaching. But this time he focuses more on using paid advertising instead of free advertising to promote the affiliate products.

Of course, not everything about Internet Jetset Super Affiliate System 2.0 is perfect. There are also some issues about this opportunity.

Chief among them is that the new focus on paid advertising might also make it hard for people to follow. I also have some issues with how easy John makes it sound to make a lot of money online.

Though the new course only asks for a one-time payment instead of a monthly payment, the cost to participate might still be too high for some people. I’ll discuss these issues as we progress further in this review of Internet Jetset.

Who Uses Internet Jetset?

Internet Jetset is designed for people who are looking for opportunities to make money online. They offer a training course on affiliate marketing.

You can learn how affiliate marketing works and how you can make money from it. You’ll also get a step-by-step guide on how you can start and how you can monetize it.

John also made the training simple and easy to understand so following his guide isn’t hard to do.

The training program is available around the world. You just need to pay the membership fee to gain access to the training.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail how you can start and what this training program offers you and how it can help you make money online.

What Does Internet Jetset Offer You?

The Internet Jetset Super Affiliate System 2.0 is a training course that will teach you about affiliate marketing, how to set it up, and how you can make money from it.

The developer of this course is John Crestani, a known internet marketer who makes a lot of money online.

Before getting access to the new training course, John first provides a training video that gives a brief introduction on how his system works and a live demo of how it makes him money.

After about an hour into the video, the promo for the new training course, which he calls Super Affiliate System 2.0, is given.

The new course asks for a one-time fee, unlike the previous one where you needed to fork $47 per month. But the cost is steep, as the new second version costs $997.

Instead of modules, this new course is divided into 6 weeks. The first week is the Complete Affiliate Marketing System Setup Course. It covers how to start your website, how to join an affiliate network, setting up Facebook ads, and so on.

The second week is the How To Earn Affiliate Commissions by Placing Ads on Google Course. This course talks about the Google Search Ads setup, the Google Display Ads setup, the common Google Ads mistake, and much more.

For week three, the training will be about Make Serious Money using YouTube Ads. This will teach you about setting up your ads on YouTube, how you can set up your channel for maximum ROI, etc.

Week four covers the Turn Social Media Into an Affiliate Profit Powerhouse Course. This course will  discuss how to keep your ads compliant with Facebook, some advance Facebook ad tactics, and much more.

For the fifth week, the course will be Creating 24/7/365 Commission Machine. This course will teach you how to set up an Affiliate website, the 3 mistakes you need to avoid, and so on.

For the last week of the training course, the topic will be Scaling Your Internet Business to Millions of Dollars Per Year. This course will teach you how to bump up your earnings without the need to send any more traffic or sales. It will also teach you how to automate everything, scale your profitable ads, and much more.

But the training course is not the only thing you’ll get, as the Internet Jetset Super Affiliate System 2.0 also provides 5 resource bonuses.

Resource 1 is the Buyers Data for Targeting, which is basically a buyers list that you can use to target your ads to.

Resource 2 is the Ads Swipe File, which are ads that are proven to work that you can copy.

Resource 3 is the Presell Pages that you can use to promote the affiliate product.

Resource 4 is the Affiliate Entry Network, which is access to the exclusive affiliate networks in the world.

The last resource is a Live Campaign Analysis Session that is done every week. In this resource, you also get live webinars every month with John Crestani, with him reviewing your copywriting and marketing materials.

What People are Saying about Internet Jetset

A lot of the reviews and comments about Internet Jetset, especially the first training course, are positive. People who have tried them out are generally happy with what they have learned from John Crestani.

They consider that the training course that he offers is very valuable as it imparts a lot of good knowledge and information, regardless if you are new to affiliate marketing or an expert.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no issues with the Internet Jetset training course, especially the new Super Affiliate System 2.0.

There are some issues with this new training course and it begins with this new focus on paid ads. One of the main differences between the new training course and the old one is that John focuses only on paid ads to get traffic.

Though his previous training didn’t cover free traffic methods in-depth, this one doesn’t even mention any free traffic methods.

All of the tips and guides that the course provides when it comes to gaining traffic is centered on using paid advertisements. Though it is effective, it is also a bit costly.

John shows how much he spends on advertisements. Though he is able to make more money than he spends, not everyone will have the budget to start paying for ads.

Another issue with Internet Jetset is that John Crestani makes it sound like making a lot of money online is very easy to do.

Though he mentioned a couple of times that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and that it will require hard work and commitment, a lot of the focus of his intro video is about how easy it is and how much money you can possibly make.

The way he describes how easy it is and how you won’t really need to spend a lot of time making the system work could backfire and give you unrealistic expectations.

From watching the videos you might expect to instantly make money once you start implementing the system. Though it is possible, it would be better if John also cautioned you not to expect to instantly make a lot of money.

In this way, he’s not giving any false expectations, therefore avoiding disappointment if you don’t immediately make money from the system.

The last issue I have with the new training course on Internet Jetset is that it is not cheap. Instead of paying $47 monthly to get access, you now need to pay a one-time fee of $997.

The amount is good for the six-week course that John offers. Though the value is worth way more than the cost, not everyone will be able to afford the lump sum of $997. Monthly payments would make it more appealing and affordable for some people.

It would be better if there was also an option to pay in installments during the course of the training period so the cost wouldn’t be so high at the start.

What I Like about Internet Jetset

Now that we know what Internet Jetset is and what it is offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about this program is that John Crestani actually provides a lot of good knowledge and information about affiliate marketing. It’s not only good for beginners who have zero knowledge about the marketing method, but also experts or those who are already familiar with affiliate marketing will also be able to gain valuable information from the training.
  • I also like that the Internet Jetset training program is presented in a clear and simple manner. John Crestani goes to great lengths to ensure that his training videos not only provides good knowledge and information, but it is also delivered in a way that makes it easy to understand for everyone. He doesn’t use a lot of jargon and he simplifies things so even those with zero knowledge or awareness about affiliate marketing will also understand.
  • Another thing that I like about Internet Jetset is that John Crestani also provides added bonuses with the training program. You’ll get buyer’s data, ready-made ads you can copy and paste, pre-sell pages, personal coaching and mentoring, and access to exclusive affiliate networks to help you get started.

What I Didn’t Like about Internet Jetset

Of course, not everything about Internet Jetset is good or perfect, as there are also several things about this opportunity that I don’t really like.

  • One of the first things that I don’t like about Internet Jetset is that the training course focuses only on paid advertising. Though I don’t doubt that it works and that you’ll likely earn back the money you have spent, the fact that you need to spend money first means not everyone will be able to afford this system. As John Crestani showed, you’ll need to have enough budget to get started as this can be a factor on how much money you can make from your affiliate link.
  • I’m also not a fan of John Crestani hyping up the income potential of the system. Yes, he does say that it will take hard work and determination on your part to really make money here, but the way he talks about how much you can really earn and how little work you need to do could set up false expectations. This could only lead to disappointment, especially if what he claims doesn’t happen immediately.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about Internet Jetset is the upfront payment of the training course. Though the value he provides is worth more than $997, it’s still a steep price to pay in one go for many people and could be a deterrent. Having an installment plan would make payment easier and the program more accessible for more people.

Is the Internet Jetset to Be Recommended?

After learning more about Internet Jetset and what it can really bring, I would say that it is an opportunity that is worth checking out, provided you have the budget for it.

I have to say that the training program that John Crestani has created is really good and you can learn a lot from it, regardless if you are new to affiliate marketing or already an expert.

He also provides a lot of added value to the course, that makes it really worthwhile if you have to budget for it.

I believe the cost to get the course is what will prevent a lot of people from joining. After all, $997 is nothing to sneeze at.

Unless you have a lot of excess money on your hands, you will likely put aside spending money on this training.

You also have to consider that the training course focuses more on using paid advertisements to drive traffic to your site.

This means that you will not only need money to participate in the course, but you’ll also need some capital when you try to implement the system.

So if you’re short on cash, or don’t have the extra budget, then participating in this training program and implementing the system that it teaches might not be the right opportunity for you.

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