Six Figure Ignition Review: Does it Work?


Six Figure Ignition is a membership website that teaches people how to build successful online businesses.

The training focuses on coaching sessions with the top industry leaders. There are also a lot of tools and done-for-you packages that can benefit your business.

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about this website online, some people recommend it and praise it, while others bash it and claim it’s a scam.

Who can you believe?

Who is telling the truth?

Hopefully this review will clear up some of the confusion.

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What Is Six Figure Ignition?

Six Figure Ignition is a company that was founded by Bob Becket and James Starr, two family men who have been working online for more than 10 years.

Six Figure Ignition is supposed to be their brain child, an in-depth course for people who want to create a successful online business, all their best tips and tricks in one place.

The training focuses on the email marketing aspect of internet marketing; building a list and making it profitable.

There are some tips on how to create niche specific websites, but the focus is on email marketing and list creation.

This training is supposed to reveal some secret traffic generation strategies that can be used to build a fast list.

And then you send affiliate products to your list and cash the checks. It’s the same basic email marketing strategy that most people use nowadays.

There’s also a community (a Facebook group).

What I Didn’t Like:

On the main website, there’s a lot of hype and income claims that can never be verified, it seems to be the basic get rich fast template that most scams use to promote their products.

There are also a lot of vague statements, it’s not clear what you will receive once you hand over the cash.

It’s not transparent. I think that’s a downside.

You also can’t take the product for a test run, there are no free trials.

One more thing I noticed is that you only have access to LIVE webinars once a week, and you are only allowed to ask one question.

Considering how these webinars are only one hour long it is not likely that they will answer your question.

It’s not exactly coaching if you can only ask one question.

(There is a database of training material to access, it’s not all webinar based)

Also, the membership is just plain expensive, it costs $197 per month, and that’s not including fees like web hosting and email management services.

That’s a little expensive.

You also have no idea if you will make any money in the first few months.

Like most online business training courses, there are no guarantees.

You’ll be told that if you want to make serious money then you have to be willing to pay for it, but I never found that to be true.

There’s plenty of free resources that you can use to create a successful business.

In fact, there are plenty of people who built million dollar businesses with no previous experience!

Lastly, there are a few up-sells for additional coaching and training; I don’t like up-sells but most products have them.

What I Liked:

I like the idea of creating funnels to build a list.

This is a business model that has been around for awhile but it does work, and it will continue to work for the foreseeable future. S

ix Figure Ignition will show you how to create a simple funnel and how to send traffic to it for maximum conversions.

The traffic sources are not that special, mostly based on solo-ads, Facebook, banners, and Pay Per Click companies.

Yes, that’s more money that you will have to spend straight from your pocket.

These are all fees that are not mentioned on the homepage.

But I do like the group coaching idea, and the support is fast and efficient too, there is a LIVE chat and landline that you can call on business days (it’s offline on weekends and holidays).

Most online business products don’t have a landline to call, and if they do, there’s a pre-recorded voice on the other end that encourages you to leave additional contact information.

Also, there’s also an official forum that is relatively active, it’s easy to find a solution to a problem, most of the members are happy to help out.

I think a community is really important for training course, it makes it easy for members to encourage one another, makes us feel like we are not in it alone, there are other people to network with.

You have to become a paid member before you can access the forum.

You can also join the private Facebook group; it’s relatively active, could use better moderating; but it’s there.

Final Word:

Six Figure Ignition is a pretty expensive training course that I believe has some value, but I don’t think it’s worth the price.

It’s not a scam. I would classify it as an over-priced course.

There are some excellent tips in the training and the webinars, and you also have the opportunity to ask the creators your own questions during the group coaching sessions.

It’s important to remembers that these sessions only happen once a week and there are many people competing for answers.

Still, it’s interesting listening in and taking notes, sometimes people have the same questions on their mind, or even better questions, and the group coaching allows everyone to benefit and learn something new.

So Six Figure Ignition is not a scam but I don’t recommend it for first timers.

If you are just starting to work online and you are looking for a nice online business training course that reveals the basics, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a one of a kind training center and a community full of like-minded members.

It’s also really – really – cheap; and the value that you get for the price is awesome.

Actually, all you have to do is sign-up for the 7 day trial, take a look, and see if it works for you.

It’s the best business training course that I have found, even though I have been reviewing internet marketing products for a few years now; none of them have beaten Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for taking the time to read this reveal.

Let me know what you think about Six Figure Ignitions in the comment section below.

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