Work At Home University Review – Is it Legit?

wahuniversity-setProduct Name: Work at Home University

Product Owner: Michelle Withrow (she’s fake)

Advertised Price: $197, 1st Discount ($77), 2nd Discount ($47)

Upsells: $97, $67 or $47,

Rating: 0/100

So when I usually have a look into an online business to see if it’s a viable business opportunity, I usually try to provide a balanced argument when it comes to my opinion on the legitimacy of the business opportunity.

Sometimes that’s really hard to do when the product you’re reviewing is obviously a totally scam. Not only that, but this product seems to be just one of many that prey on unsuspecting people looking to making money online.

Work At Home University is not really a university, in fact you don’t earn a degree or anything else that resembles a certification of any description, moreover, you don’t actually know what you will be doing until you register with them.

And by the way to register with them you have to pay $97.

At that point you still don’t know what you’re paying for, all you know is that you have to hand over a bunch of cash to get an idea of what you’ll being doing.

They also state that all you need to do is to work approximately one hour a day and that the skill level to work the business is no experience or skill set whatsoever.

With a 365 money back guarantee, you’d think that there is low to no risk – right? But you’d be wrong, as you’ll find out in the conditions printed at the bottom of their website.

But who reads the fine print – right?

So I’m gonna tell you what the main idea is behind Work At Home University, so you don’t have to the $97.

I have read reviews on Work At Home University from a number of different websites and although they seem to be reviewing the same business, the business model seemed to be different on all of the sites.

Some people were saying that Work At Home University is a website that shows you how to promote CPA offers, another said that it shows you how to become an auction list agent and yet another said it was about posting links.

Which one is right?

Well … all of them.

As it turns out, this website seems to swap and change the offer it promotes inside (not sure why), but it could be that they’re wanting to see what offer converts the best.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

What Is Work At Home University?

It’s promises to be a way of earning an income on the Internet.

Actually, they don’t even tell you how to do it, until you hand over your personal details. They get you to fill out an online form to collect some of your personal details and this is where the scam beings.


So they want my phone number and credit card details before I even know what they’re selling?

So it doesn’t really matter what they’re selling at this stage, because I found one red flag already.

What you don’t know is that the terms and conditions box that you check at the bottom of the form allows telemarketers or representatives of the company to call you and sell you stuff.

So while you might think that you’re paying a one of fee of $97, (discounted from $197 – I might add) the true cost of the course (if you can call it that) stacks on top of one another with the up selling.

Hey, but that’s cool, I’m a on “DO NOT CALL LIST”


But, this is how they get around that.

Read the terms and conditions and you’ll find this statement right at the bottom of the page.

Note: the name “Simply Click To Profit” these appear to be the guys running this scam. Stick around and I’ll show you another program they’re running.


How Is Work At Home University Supposed To Work?

Well, as far as I could see, the site is nothing more than a way to capture leads and to up sell products to these leads including personal coaching and website creation. This is where the real money is made for the company.

Other reviews suggested that they used to send people off to an auction listing site where they show you how to become an Auction list agent, which you can learn how to do for free here btw.

However, the version of the website that I reviewed was talking about making money online by “posting links”.

Apparently, companies pay you to simply post links on the Internet.

I mean – really?

What I Liked


There is nothing to learn here.

If there was a way to make a legitimate full-time income from home by simply posting links, then I and a million others would be doing it right now.

Granted, there maybe some places that do pay you to post links, (I haven’t found one yet), but there is no way you’d make a full-time income from it.

What I Didn’t Like

The deceptive way they’re scamming people.

I have seen this type of deceptive marketing in other products like Home Income Kit which is the Karen James Scam.

It’s setup the same way, probably run by the same people too.

They have fake people masquerading as desperate moms trying to make ends meet.

This scam is no different.

Work At Home University has the character Michelle Withrow (at present), which is a made up person (just so you know).

Oh, I also have to add that, although the offer might be different depending on when you get introduced

See pic #1 : Michelle Withrow –


I also found Melissa Mayer on another website, with the same story, even identical text and picture.

See pic #2: Melissa Mayer –


Need more proof.

Check this out

Here’s Pic #3 – Yet another online business

But this time they removed the name of the person. Maybe people were catching on.


Oh and guess who runs them all?

Simply Click To Profit.





Final Verdict

Looks like the same person / company runs all of these websites and are using them as a gateway to scam money out of unsuspecting people.

Whilst this is a scam, there are many other businesses out there that genuinely try to help people succeed online.

However, wading through a sea of legitimate business opportunities can be difficult for folks who don’t have the experience or know what signs to look out for.

Which is why site like mind and others exist today, to help people make a more informed decision.

If you’re looking for a legitimate work from home business then come and have a look at my #1 recommended training program.




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  1. I signed up with them WAHU and did not pay $97, but started out with $3,000, then an additional $3,000 and another fee – close to $7K – for what? Training – that’s a laugh. Recruiters and coaches (HA!) don’t know what TIME ZONES are – you set an appt and they call you an hour or 2 earlier. Bottom line – is anyone investigating or going after these people? I need that money back desperately.

  2. Dear Frank,

    That’s a very thorough review on Work At Home University and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

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