Stay At Home Revenue Review – Another Scam

stay_at_home_revenueProduct Name: Stay At Home Revenue

Product Owner: Michelle Withrow, anonymous

Advertised Price: $197, 1st Discount ($77), 2nd Discount ($47)

Rating: 0/100

I recently completed a review on a similar product called Work At Home University.

In fact I believe that these two programs are created / owned by the same person namely Michelle Withrow.

The products use the exact same marketing techniques to trick unsuspecting people into falling for the promise of making money online, only to not deliver on the promise.

In the meantime, folks get hit with telemarketers who are high pressure sales people, that know how to press your emotional hot buttons.

My research show that Work At Home University and Stay At Home Revenue are owned or marketed by the same company.

That company being Simply Click To Profit.

Be very careful of handing over your credit card to these people.

Let me show you what I uncovered.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Here’s a pick of the terms and conditions that you sign up for when you check the box.





That in it’s self in not a red flag, because one business owner can actually own multiple products.

But it starts to go down a very slippery slop as you’ll see soon.

What Is Stay At Home Revenue

It is supposed to be a training program that helps people to make a full-time income on the Internet.

They advertise it as having a dedicated section on their website that will show you how to make cash quick and how to get your business started the right way.

They also suggest that there are a number of other courses available to members like the Automated Facebook Traffic Machine which is supposed to teach you how to use social media to put money in your pocket.

Also a chapter that teaches you how to get your website in Google in 1 day.

Big deal.

Getting indexed in Google is easy, in fact there are multiple free ways to do this.

Ranking on the first page of Google however, is a totally different thing and in 1 day even more impressive.

Now if they were to teach this, then I’d be impressed, albeit, skeptical. I haven’t seen anyone do it (well not long term ayway).

They also include chapters on how to find content for twitter.

But – so.

What I liked

Not much to like really.

They can talk the talk and use buzz words thrown around in the IM industry, but another scam, with a different hat – run by the same people.

Not sure how they continue to get away with this obvious scam.

One way would be to just keep changing domain names when the gig has been outted. Or promote different products under different names.

I think I’m onto something here batman.

Looks like this is what they’re doing.

I’m sure I’ll keep uncovering more and more of these kinds of products in the future, because they seem to move through a cycle, year after year.

I see the same kind of websites popping up, with the same rags to riches story, same pictures, just different names and different offers.

What I didn’t like

Same marketing tactics as the Work At Home University website.

Same person only different is that they aren’t giving her a name now.

I understand that her name used to be Michelle Withrow, but if you look now the name has been removed.


New page.


If you browse even further you will see that the name of the product used to be called Autopilot Income System.


They even include it in their signature near the bottom of the page.

Looks like some forgot to rebrand it.

See a snapshot of the signature here.


So with this information in my hot little hands I decided to see if there used to be a website that was called Autopilot Income System.

And whadday you know I found it. I was called

While the website no longer exists, I was able to get a snap shot of what the website used to look like before it was abandoned.

Look familiar?

Here’s a snapshot of what the site used to look like.


That’s right, they’ve just changed the name.

Final Verdict

Keep away from this scam and all of the others that are run by the same company Simply Click To Profit.

They might all have different offers inside once you hand over your personal details including your credit card information, but they’re all scams.

If you want real legitimate online training by expert online marketers then come join me here.

Look I love for you to share your experience with my readers if you’ve been scammed by these guys in the past.

Please leave your comment below, who knows you might help someone out.



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