Get Cash For Surveys – Why You Should Stay Away

get_cash_for_surveys_scam_rWhat is Get Cash For Surveys?

Created by single dad Gary Mitchell, Get Cash For Surveys is your standard, run-of-the-mill, survey programs site.

People sign up, pay a few dollars for the service, then sit back and wait as the surveys from various companies come rolling in.

And poof, instant money!

That’s the premise of these kinds of sites, and Get Cash For Surveys is no different.

Gary Mitchell claims that he is making more than $3000 a month just from filling out surveys alone (a pretty hefty additional income for a single dad like him), and he is willing to share this windfall to others who are willing up to sign up for his program.

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How Do You Make Money With Get Cash For Surveys?

Most large companies and corporations spend a lot on research to know about the preferences and interests of their target demographic, audience, or customer base.

To do this, they would usually give out in-depth surveys, have people fill these up, and compensate them with monetary incentives and others kinds of rewards for their time.

The usual going rate for filling out surveys is usually anywhere from $1 to $20, depending on the length of the survey, and other factors- like whether or not a person fits the target demographic for the survey (e.g. women-only surveys, surveys for college students, etcetera). takes advantage of this income potential by compiling all of the available surveys that give payouts, and delivers them straight to the accounts of its users.

Just by paying a one-time fee of $74 (by entering a special coupon code, this price goes down to only $37), users can start earning money instantly. No need to hunt for the surveys themselves since Get Cash For Surveys will deliver these to them.

Aside from survey-taking, Get Cash For Surveys also has some sort of affiliate program, wherein users are rewarded by recruiting other people into the scheme. Each recruit who signs up earns the affiliate $148.50.

What are the Issues With It?

Get Cash For Surveys sounds good in theory, but it faces a lot issues right now that make it outright unreliable. First off, Gary Mitchell’s claim of earning $3000 is very questionable.

As mentioned above, the going rate of surveys is anywhere between $1-$10. Surveys that give larger payouts often have certain demographics they would like to target, so one wrong answer can prevent you from completing them and receiving your compensation.

Also, any person would be lucky to get more than five surveys per day. At this rate, a rate of $3000 a month is very outlandish and impossible. The most amount that people can get from filling out surveys is a few hundred bucks (if they’re lucky), and nowhere near a thousand dollars for that.

Another problematic side of this program is the fact that its affiliate program slightly resembles a pyramid scheme. People can actually earn more if they START RECRUITING people into the program, instead of just filling out surveys alone.

This certainly is a gray area in terms of it being illegal or not- but to be sure, one should just stay away.

What Are Others Saying Around the Web?

A quick Google search of “Get Cash For Surveys review” will reveal less than stellar reviews. Though, as a Clickbank product, GetCashForSurveys “ensures” a 60-day refund if a person wants out of the program- it seems like that a lot of people have trouble receiving their refunded money.

Some haven’t even received anything at all.

Those who do manage to stick out with the program find that surveys come few and far in between. The few surveys that the program compiles are often very specific in their target demographic, leaving most users unqualified for them.

Final Verdict:

Save your $37 (or $74, for the full price) and avoid If your hobby is filling out surveys, then these kinds of sites might work for you. But if you really want to earn money online, then stay away.

There is no money to be had in survey answering. The most that you can get is a few miserable pennies for lots of hours of boring work.

What you can do is take a marketable skill (e.g. programming, copywriting, bookkeeping, graphic design) and sell your services on online jobs marketplaces.

Not only do you get paid, you also get to do the things that you love and learn at the same time too.

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