Maximum Paid Surveys Review: Why It is a Complete Waste Of Time

What Is Maximum Paid Surveys?

Maximum Paid Surveys is a directory that purports to offer access to third party survey sites which, according to them, pay very well.

Is it a scam and, more importantly, is it worth the money?

Although membership is not free as you will be required to pay $39.95 sign up fee, I would not still necessarily call it a scam.

However, I still would urge you to keep as far away from it as possible.

The company, like another one called Paid Surveys At Home, is also based in San Diego.

It is interesting that both of these sites impose a similar charge of $39.95. Don’t be surprised to find that both of these are owned by the same guys.

It goes out of its way to push the confidence and trust factor so as to lure users in.

In their sales page, they talk about risks and frustrations associated with searching the web and signing up with survey sites which either pay too low or are outright scams.

They then go ahead to say how safe their site is it is your gateway to high-paying surveys that are all located at one place.

But the issue is that you have no idea of the survey companies within the site’s database.

You will only see them after you have already paid the signup fee.

This is a gamble in my opinion.

Chances of the individual survey firms turning out to be scams are very high.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

They state on their site that users can rake in $50 from home just taking part in online surveys and up to $250 for participating in focus groups.

There are further earnings of $25 for product trials and $150 for mystery shopping.

The issue is that many sites like these exist and most of them are rip-offs or scams.

People attracted by the prospect of raking in hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month sign up hurriedly and pay the signup fee.

But they end up earning just peanuts or no money at all.

What Are Some Common Issues With Maximum Paid Surveys?

• They require upfront fees

One red flag about this company is that they charge you a fee to join.

You should never pay to take online surveys.

The company lures you by promising to give you access to top paying survey companies.

Later you realize that the companies pay very low or close to nothing. It is in fact a scam.

• Not Accredited with BBB

For a check on the Better Business Bureau and you will find that the company indeed rates very poorly with an F.

Even if there are some people who claim to have successfully worked with the site, do you, in light of the obvious disadvantages, think that it is worth the risk and your money?
I honestly don’t. Sites like Maximum Paid Surveys often exaggerate the money that can be made from their surveys just to make people pay and sign up.

In reality though, many legitimate survey sites only pay a few dollars for completing the survey.

Most of them pay just $1 for one survey.

Get it from me that you can never make $50 or $250 from online surveys.

What Are People Saying Around The Web?

Harvey P, Minnesota on 25 October 2014

“In my opinion, this site is a scam. After paying the registration fee and following all the outlined processes, all I get for every survey are sweepstake entries.

Sometimes, I get a message that I do not meet their criteria after spending 20-30 minutes on a survey.

I have not got a cent for any survey I have completed.

They won’t reply even if you request a refund. Just keep away from the site.”

Final Verdict:

My honest advice to you is that you should never waste your money, time and effort on this site.

Judging by what people are saying about it, you would be ill-advised to sign up with them. In fact, any site that asks you to pay in order to take online survey is likely to be a rip-off.

And if you want to earn money online, I would never recommend any paid online survey. They pay very little, disqualify you when you are almost done answering questions and only pay you in points. They are not a way to make consistent income online.

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