A.W. Surveys Review – A Total Scam

What is A.W. Surveys?

A.W. Surveys markets itself as a “website evaluation service,” wherein websites, businesses, and companies can have a ready pool of consumers on hand to answer their market research studies.

As a reward for their time, people who answer these surveys are rewarded with cash, the amount of which is usually dependent upon the length of the survey/questionnaire.

The site is owned by Adam Acclarn, who is also the owner of other online enterprises like ADmimsy, CBeckAds, Socints, and TopSurveys.

Though the year of its founding is unclear, online reviews seem to indicate that the site has been around as early as 2007 to 2008. Currently, A.W.

Surveys claims to have more than 2 million members.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

A.W. Surveys’ homepage (www.AWsurveys.com) provides a rough outline of what its members could expect upon signing up with the service.

There are actually two ways with which people could make money on the site. First is the usual survey-taking route.

The homepage states that people can expect to earn, on average, up to $0.60 with each survey or website evaluation questionnaire answered.

The second method is through referrals. For every new member that an existing A.W. Surveys user signs up on the site, a $1.25 “reward” is given to the referrer.

The referrers may also get up to 20% of their friends’ survey earnings (though the website does not really provide much in the way of an explanation for this scheme.)

What Are the Issues With It?

From the outset, it’s pretty clear that there is no way that anyone can possibly make a substantial income just by answering surveys on the site alone.

The homepage explicitly states that the most that people can expect for the surveys is just $0.60.

But the low rates isn’t the most troubling aspect of A.W. Surveys.

Granted that not everyone who join these kinds of sites want to earn money with it (some might just join for fun), so the low rate wouldn’t turn some people off.

But the Terms page- which is located in the very bottom of the frontpage, written in extra small print- presents some troublesome clauses.

An example would be that, for some surveys, members would need to download additional software or content.

Another is that the A.W. Surveys admin reserves the right to delete any account without warning.

What Are Others Saying Around the Web?

There’s a shoddily put-together website (www.awsurveyscam.com) that pops up on the top of Google searches for “awsurveys.com review” that claims that A.W. Surveys is not a scam, as many people have reported.

From the looks of it, this is an ill attempt (by the A.W. Surveys’ owner perhaps?) to quell the very negative reviews that the site has on the Web.

People are reporting that, despite being free-to-join, A.W. Surveys is requiring a fee of $25 so that people can have access to the paying surveys.

While the initial $25 to $30 can be easily earned from the outset, the amount of surveys dwindles dramatically as time goes by.

It is almost impossible to reach the site’s cashout threshold of $75, just by answering the surveys alone.

Why is this so?

Well, it seems that A.W. Surveys is pushing the recruitment side of their business instead of the survey-taking aspect.

At $1.25 per referral, this scheme is definitely more profitable than just by taking surveys alone.

This kind of business model is pretty much the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

Now, here are more troubling reports. Should anyone be lucky enough to reach the threshold of $75, there is still a slim chance that they will be able to cash out. A.W. Surveys is notorious for deleting people’s accounts on a whim- usually when they are just about a few dollars away from reaching the cashout threshold.

Final Verdict

A.W. Surveys is a total scam. From the reviews of jilted A.W. Surveys members on the Web, it’s easy to see what the main intentions of the site really is- to milk as much money as they can from as many people as they could.

This is not a website that anyone should waste their time on.

There are a lot more legitimate ways with which people could earn money online, and it’s not through shady sites like this A.W. Surveys.

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