Is Toluna Surveys Legit?

Can you make money with Toluna Surveys . Learn some of the best ways to make money from home. If you're looking for at home jobs no experience gig, then we have seen them all. We review the best work at home jobs that will enable you to earn extra money from home. Legitimate work from home jobs can be hard to find, but with our guidance, we show you how to make extra money at home. We give you fast money making ideas, extra income ideas on the best work from home jobs.When it comes to making money online there are a lot of times when it’s hard to to separate real opportunities from the scams. A lot of companies will promise the moon, but all you end up with is dirt.

That is why I’ve decided to review one of those opportunities in the hope of allowing those looking to make money online make a more informed decision.

The opportunity in question is a paid survey company called Toluna Surveys. You can also see some other reviews Opinion Outpost Review, Inbox dollars Review and Global Test Market Review, to name some of the main survey sites on the Internet.

What is Toluna Surveys?

Toluna Surveys is a market research company that pays for people to take surveys online. They do research for corporations about a wide variety of products. They are well established, and have been around for a while.

How Do You Make Money With It?

How you make money from Toluna is fairly simple, you fill out a profile and then when a survey whose criteria you fit comes up you are alerted. You are awarded points for completing the survey, and when you accumulate enough points you can either cash out through Paypal, or get a gift card to various places like Amazon, Starbucks, or iTunes.

What I Liked

  • The work itself is as easy as having an opinion. All you have to do to get your points is to be honest, and give genuinely useful feedback.
  • The survey topics are varied so you won’t be forced to repeat the same thing over and over again.
  • You can get payment in the for form of cash into a Paypal Account, or various gift cards.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Earning money from surveys is an excruciatingly slow process, and the time invested means you are often earning below minimum wage. You are also forced to acquire a minimum amount of points before getting payment, and depending on how much time you invest it could take weeks or months to see any real money.
  • Corporations are only paying for research on a very narrow part of the population, and if you’re not in that group you won’t get any surveys.
  • There have been times when survey companies have refused payment, or delayed it to a point it’s not worth pursuing. They have complete control on when they pay, and there is little you can do if they don’t pay.
  • Sometimes you won’t be credited for doing a survey, and it’s entirely up to Toluna to approve you. If they fail to give you credit for a survey you did there isn’t much you can do about it.
  • Toluna has an expiration date on any points you accumulate of a year. So you would have to commit to doing this full time, or you run the risk of all your points disappearing one day.

Views Around The Web

When doing research across the web about Toluna I found some mixed responses, but generally the feedback was negative. One of the most common complaints I’ve found involves their qualifying process.

A person will start a survey, and almost half-way through they will have to answer some more qualification questions. If for some reason they don’t qualify then they can’t continue the survey, and won’t get credit for the initial time invested.

This seems to happen a lot, and a lot of people ending up wasting their time.

Some users of Toluna have experienced what they call a “bait and switch” scheme where they get invited to an interesting survey, but then are told it’s not available.

After that of course they are invited to participate in another survey that a lot of times they aren’t even qualified for. It’s one thing to suggest another survey, but to invite someone to a survey they can’t even do is useless.

Final Verdict – Is Toluna Surveys Legit?

So as far as I can tell, the company itself is legit,but whether you’ll make much money with them could be a problem.

With most survey sites you’re only going to make money with them, if you fit a certain profile, and even then, the amount of money that you’ll make will barely make it worthwhile.

You will have to invest a lot of time completing surveys, and there is no real guarantee even that will be enough to reach the minimum points required to cash out.

There are other ways of making money online that pay more, and don’t have so many downsides attached to them.

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3 thoughts on “Is Toluna Surveys Legit?”

  1. Total waste of time. You rarely get to the end of a survey.
    You are just handing,your info to God knows who!

  2. Toluna surveys, ripoff, fraud: sometimes I spend five to ten minutes on a survey and they collect a lot of data before determining I am not “qualified” or ” the survey just filled up” and terminate the survey without any compensation. They should qualify the testers BEFORE collecting all the data!!!

    Toluna is a ripoff when they do pay, and otherwise its a fraud. on the plus side, some of the surveys are interesting. But not worth the money.


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