Cash Surveys Only – Can You Earn a Substantial Income?

What is Cash Surveys Only?

Websites wherein people get paid to answer market research studies and fill up surveys and questionnaires have long been a staple in the Web for the last decade. While survey-taking sites often market themselves as “income opportunities” for people who want to earn money online, in reality, these sites provide only mere pennies for hours of boring work.

Cash Surveys Only ( is made in the old tradition of these survey sites. A project of Cash Surveys Inc., Cash Surveys Only acts like a middleman between websites that host these market research studies and the people who want to spend time answering them.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

Cash Surveys Only provides an expected income calculator on their webpage. The site claims that there is a projected rate of $60 per hour for its members (surveys on the site take about 15 minutes to complete, and most, they claim, reward up to a maximum of $15).

That’s an hourly rate that is a lot higher a lot higher than minimum wage- and the job can be done from home! Sounds amazing, right?

So, what do people need to do to get started on this obviously wonderful opportunity? Well, first they need to shell out a (supposedly) lifetime fee of $29.95 to get on board the program.

Cash Surveys Only claims that not only will members receive an updated directory of surveys which they can answer for money, they’ll also get special “insider knowledge” about up and coming products, plus an opportunity to take advantage of Cash Surveys Only affiliate/referral program.

People can earn money by recruiting others into the site. While the website does not provide a clear referral rate, the FAQ page ( mentions that recruiting 10 people is enough to cover the site’s subscription fee.

This can mean that each referral might be worth somewhere around $3.

What Are the Issues With It?

Cash Surveys Only lures people into its fold by offering them promises of financial and work independence that answering surveys can bring.

While making money online is not a rare thing nowadays- there are a lot of people out there who make a decent living as an online freelancer or telecommuter- answering surveys is definitely not one of the jobs you would want to involve yourself in.

Unlike what Cash Surveys Only claims, it’s practically impossible for anyone to earn up to $15 per survey, let alone receive more than five surveys per day. So, the site’s projected income rate of $60 per hour is FALSE and very MISLEADING.

Now, let’s take a look at the fine print. Skimming through the Terms page ( will reveal that the “lifetime” fee of $29.95 does not, in fact, last for a lifetime. It is only valid for one year.

Granted that as a Clickbank product, Cash Surveys Only provides a refund period of up to two months- those who are fooled into thinking that they will be only charged $29.95 once will be surprised to see some unwanted charges on their credit cards.

This is blatant FALSE ADVERTISING, and a very serious issue that Cash Surveys Only should remedy immediately.

What Are Others Saying Around the Web?

Searching for “ review” on Google will reveal a lot of negative feedback. There are people reporting on online forums that the $29.95 that Cash Surveys Only charge its members is a waste of money.

The surveys don’t actually come from legit market research companies, but from other survey sites. Cash Surveys Only just basically compiles a list of other paid survey sites and gives this out to its members.

This information is something that anyone can get from Google for free. What’s more, each site has its own cashout threshold, thus making it almost impossible for people to earn anything from them.

It seems that what Cash Surveys Only is marketing to its users is not the surveys, but its referral program. wherein people are compensated according to the number of recruits that they’ll bring in.

This smells strongly of a pyramid scheme.

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to get involved in an enterprise with shady business practices, then stay away from Cash Surveys Only. There are a lot of legitimate ways with which to earn money online, and answering surveys is definitely not one of them.

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